COHLAB-NYC is the brainchild of Erin Cohen, a former Jewelry Designer who loves travel and fashion so much, she has decided to try and turn it into a full time job.

Like many of you, Erin has battled an eating disorder, depression and addiction. She has wanted to find a way to travel and celebrate style while also supporting organizations that help people face addiction and address the importance of mental health. Through COHLAB-NYC, Erin is able to do what she loves and help people in the process!

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If you have never traveled a long distance before, here are some tips on how to get started and how to make sure your trip is nice and safe. We talk about this in our blog posts a lot, so please make sure to subscribe to stay ahead of all the news!

How to choose your destination

Choosing destinations is a very important yet super fun task. Having an approximate direction, you can let your mood and imagination lead the way!

Take everything under advisement

Attention and serious approach to trips organization ensures the safest travel with positive experience only.

Be realistic, consider alternate forms of travel

Sometimes things happen not the way we plan them. No worries, there are always alternatives that might be even better!

Meet the locals

Local people can help you around unfamiliar places a lot. Stay friendly and calm in any situation.

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ask your question
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Let’s talk CYBER MONDAY!!!!⁣

Are you getting your holiday shopping done early? One of my favorite designers @artofmarina is offering 30 % off site wide as well as some select styles at sample sale prices. Be sure to check it out. HAPPY SHOPPING! 📸 @jordanbrennanphotography

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Kimono with me to the beach 🏖 😛 📸 @jordanbrennanphotography ...

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#ad George Bernard Shaw said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”   I LOVE my TOVALA oven! All the meals which I have tried so far have been some of the best food ever. Now what's more enticing is the special @tovalafood is offering you!

From 11/20-11/30, the Tovala Oven will be $99 with the purchase of 6 meal deliveries (the undiscounted price is $299)

The perfect gift for the upcoming holiday seasons for your loved ones, or yourself, because we all deserve something after 2020!

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