WELCOME TO COHLAB-NYC!!! Guess what, we get it. There are a million different blogs out there telling you that “When it’s a bit chilly, what I love to do is cover my nips with non-animal based faux fur Fur-Nips. Cruelty free and super cute!! ;-)” If you like the cliche style blogs, read them. We’re a bit different (BTW, we are willing to sell the Fur-Nips concept if anyone’s interested).
If you’re looking for the insights you’ve been waiting to see on the internet.. REAL people who will share and show you the very best and the “what’s next” of Style [clothes, trends, jewelry, etc….everything that makes us (and will make you) look and feel great (except shoes. Shoes are separate)], Food, New York, Shoes (again, Shoes are separate, okay. We like shoes enough to consider them their own category), etc., then you’re in the absolute right place!
If you’ve gotten here by accident, you still may be in the right place (the Universe is telling you something).
At the end of the day (and at the beginning), COHLAB-NYC is truly that, a colab. Our posts, tone info and opinions are the result of a collaboration of some of the most prominent New Yorkers in their respective fields. From Professional Stylists, Jewelry Designers, Fashion House Trend Directors, New York Times critically acclaimed Chefs, Culinary Directors from NYC’s top restaurants, etc., COHLAB-NYC posts come from a collection of REAL people who want to shine a light on some of the best Style, Food, (Shoes) and things in general going on in NYC.
Welcome to COHLAB-NYC. We’re happy to have you here. Enjoy the fun, easy-going vibes and on-point commentary. Sign up for our e-mails for ONLY relevant stuff. And, if you are so inclined, ask to team up with us! We are always willing to collaborate with visionary brands and exceptional people.
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