Ever wish you could go back to high school knowing what you know now and socially rule like no high-schooler has ever ruled before? Personally, as a guy, I kinda want to go back to middle-school now and play basketball against these little punks who have no idea what getting paid every two weeks feels like. But I digress…why, you might be thinking, is a straight (as far as I know #TheHeartWantsWhatItWants #IHeardPeopleRealizeTheyreGayLate) guy writing about women’s fashion?
Because I remember what going to high-school was like. I remember what the hot rich girl looked like (she spoke to me a few times. I let her cheat off of me in AP Psych), and the feeling that all us guys had when we saw her. You don’t have to be a bitch like her, but you can still make the guys (or girls #equality) just as nervous around you now as they were around that girl after 4th period when their paths crossed in the hall.
Erin got her Bespoke Jean Jacket from mother/daughter startup 2B Loved, who have dope shirts and offer customized jackets made to order.
Also, we’re very inclusive here at Cohlab-NYC, so when a straight guy thinks he can write about women’s fashion, we’re all about it.
Bottom line, when you want to make the boys drool this fall, throw on a cute top, a skirt with some fun socks or tights and a pair chic loafers. Tie it all together with a SICK jean jacket and they’ll be putty in your hands. Don’t forget to bring that shit home with some sweet shades and eye-catching earrings.
Let us know that you’re fun, stylish and can still kick our asses on the playground.
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