To so many people, the modeling industry is elusive, fascinating, and glamorous, but I am here to tell you that behind the sparkling lights and flashing cameras, the industry is much more gritty than most believe. Many models, including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Bella Hadid, have admitted their diets are far from healthy, describing utilizing the “caffeine and nicotine” diet to maintain a thin figure. Campbell reported using cocaine, which suppresses your appetite, to keep her body runway ready. Others have mentioned the pressure designers and directors put on their appearance, keeping them glowing, smizing, and tiny.
Take for example, Kate Moss: an original supermodel, an icon, an inspiration. How did she get that willowy, long, and thin body? Cocaine. How did she get her iconic, loose, and swaying walk? A pill and alcohol addiction. For those who aren’t familiar with the effects of street drugs, which may not be many of you considering this blog focuses on fashion and sobriety, I’ll explain. Cocaine is an “upper”, it gives you energy and almost completely rids you of any appetite. Though Moss limits herself to very few interviews, she has explained that she used cocaine to maintain her tiny, “heroin chic” waif-like figure. Her pill addiction on the other hand, played a part in calming her nerves, allowing her to slink down the runway. Close friends of Moss call her “The Tank”, referring to her ability to snort 20-30 lines of cocaine and down a bottle of vodka in one sitting. Moss’ addiction may seem very extreme, but it’s only one of the countless stories of “Champagne Supernova” (a reference to a vodka martini with cocaine around the rim) models.
Naomi Campbell also battled addiction in the beginning of her modeling days, though she now maintains a lifestyle of sobriety. Campbell has reported that her cocaine addiction “drove her to the bottom of the barrel” and that she “never wants that pain again”. The absolutely iconic model sets an inspiring example for younger models who are tempted to use drugs in the same way as Campbell.
After New York, Paris, Milan Fashion Weeks have come and gone, the public has noticed a trend: rapid weight loss. Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber, two fairly new models, have dropped weight and dropped weight fast. Cindy Crawford told an interviewer that her daughter, Kaia Gerber, should “enjoy her carbs while she can!” encouraging her 15 year old daughter to diet and wither away to her now stick thin size. While a lanky, thin, and willowy figure may be the desired body in the modeling industry, it is not healthy or realistic. These iconic models set a very, very dangerous ideal for the public. Anorexia and bulimia have spread like wildfire, sweeping across the globe, permeating the boundaries of nationality, age and socioeconomic status.
Kaia Gerber, 16 year old daughter of Supermodel Cindy Crawford.
I am here to tell you, as a recovering cocaine and alcohol addict who also battles anorexia, that there is hope. Cliche, I know, but it’s true. In the past few months, I have put myself in both inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment and outpatient eating disorder treatment. I am 112 days sober as I write this, and you can be too. Seek help, ask for assistance in battling these demons, don’t let them destroy you. If I can do this, you can too.
Logan Bee Denzer is an aspiring writer and COHLAB-NYC follower and contributor.
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