I had the great pleasure last night of seeing one of my mentors and biggest supporters present the launch of her jewelry line at the W style lab as part of the CEMA creative project. If you do not know about SYD AND PIA jewelry I suggest you check yourself and look it up right now.
I have known Fernanda since I was her intern at Liz Claiborne in Design over 12 years ago, and even when the other intern told on me for sleeping under my desk (hence why I am sober now) she still supported me. I then also had the pleasure of working with her later in my career. Fernanda Medina is the creator of this line, and could possibly be superhuman. While she designs and physically makes every piece, she also is the Creative Director of Roman Jewels. Let’s just say she doesn’t get the daily naps in like I do.
There is no one word to describe the SYD AND PIA line every product is unique and as its own story, some pieces are formed with clean lines and geometric shapes, while others are more organic shapes like the infinity collar which is unreal.
The whole experience at the Style Lab, was very cool. It was a bunch of really original, independent designers, and each item was definitively unique and on the cutting edge of trend. You may not see their wares when walking into the typical department store, but you will soon see copies or similar designs from the world’s biggest fashion houses, who are a step behind the creative independents. Not to mention it is hosted in the fabulous modern W Hotel in Times Square, which also enhances the experience.
Stay tuned for a future collaboration of Syd and Pia and Cohlab-Nyc we may just make my dream a reality and create that jewelry line, where a portion of the proceeds go to help people struggling with addiction.
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