Escaping to the Catskills with Emerson Resort & Spa
When you think about “upstate,” the few things that automatically come to mind is sprawling forests, lush green hills, rich history, and of course, tranquility. At Emerson Resort & Spa in Catskills, NY, this is exactly what you will be welcomed with.
Following a similar story as The Great Chicago Fire (ya know, Mrs. O’Leary’s cow knocking over a lantern – sooo 5th grade social studies), Emerson Resort & Spa was also originally a dairy farm that caught fire. Luckily, they were not only able to salvage part of the dairy farm home, but also able to build a bigger facility across the street. The name “Emerson” comes from The renown poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and as a bit of remembrance, there are quotes from him that are sprinkled cross the grounds. It’s super inspiring to say the least!
When we arrived at the resort, the staff was beyond warm and welcoming. They genuinely treated us like we were apart of their family unlike the sterile feel of a traditional hotel. Even just walking around the resort made you feel like you were at your own home – such a comfortable and calm environment!
During our welcome tour, we were shown the vast amenities that the property has. Needless to say, I already knew this was going to be hard to leave.
  • Year-Round Outdoor Hot Tub
  • Full Spa Facilities
  • Yoga Classes
  • Daily Nature Hikes
  • Library
  • Game Room
  • Restaurant with Daily Happy Hour & Nightly Activities
  • Shopping, including a Trading Post for snacks and the Country Store for souvenirs + gifts
  • Fireplace in Every Room at the INN
Even though I am always working (this influencer life is all play, right? LOL), sitting in our super spacious room next to the burning fireplace was utterly relaxing. After work, Shane and I changed into pjs and played old school board games. There is nothing better than lying around with your best friend in the coziest robe ever!
The next morning, we grabbed coffee at the Trading Post , which is included with your stay, and headed to do a little shopping Ii mean, are we shocked? Like my mother always says, I can find something to buy in a hardware store hahaha) I loved that Emerson works to provide job opportunities for the people who live in the Catskills.
After Shane had enough of following me from store to store, we explored the beautiful grounds – which are, of course, IG-friendly 🙂 Running through the hills reminded me of being a kid and playing red rover or a big game of tag. Next time, I definitely want to go fishing!
As soon as night fell, Emerson completely transformed. It’s home to the World’s Largest Kaleidoscope, which is super cool to look through at night. Plus, the stars are so bright and clear you feel like you can touch them. It is such serenity to look at the stars – it’s not something that you’re able to do very often living in NYC.
On the second morning, we decided to try the restaurant that is on the property. Because I was technically on vacation, I not only ordered, but completely devoured their amazing challah french toast. Don’t challah at your girl hahaha
Afterwards, we ventured from the resort to do a little snowboarding. I can proudly say I was the only one on the slopes wearing this Racy Suits Yellow Pineapple Snowboarding Suit. When we got back to the resort, it was so amazing to sit in the outdoor hot tub and ease our muscles and take in nature.
I was a super bummed to leave the next morning, but am very much looking forward to going back and with Shane, but this time with a diamond, too 😉
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