Falling Into Bed with Scribner’s Lodge
Upon arrival at Scribner’s Lodge, we were escorted to our room, where they welcomed us with beautiful fresh flowers and cider. Off the bat, they sure knew how to make a girl feel special! Our room was absolutely amazing and utterly spacious! The natural light is something that us New Yorkers dream of (and usually pay thousands for, amirite? haha) From our window, we had the most breathtaking view of Hunter Mountain – if only we came a week later after the Nor’easter to all that snow!
So let me be honest here – it was *extremely* hard to want to leave our room. Our room not only came with a [very big] sleeping area, but it also had this gorgeous lounge area that was basically the size of a whole NYC apt!! I pretty much wanted to stay there forever.
My boyfriend is crazy – that’s why I love him – and no matter how nice the hotel, he always checks the bedding. I, on the other hand, decided to get dressed up and test out its bounce and comfort. Thumbs up all around, even to the clean – and ridiculously soft – sheets haha
Once I finally convinced myself – and Shane – to leave the room, the first thing I did was hit up the bonfire. They have it roaring every night, where you can watch the sunset, take in the beautiful mountain view, make S’mores and just enjoy being out in nature. It completely reminded me of being a kid – I just love S’mores! After the bonfire, we ventured into the lodges’ main building. The “living room” had a bunch of old school board games and a pool table with a magnificent fireplace. It is just so cozy! Shane and I played a wonderful game of dog bingo – who knew that existed – and I learned so many different dog breeds.
I also took the opportunity to play some pool. Don’t be deceived by this girl dressed to the nines – she knows how to sink the eight ball! 😉
It took a lot out of me to actually leave Scribner’s as they have everything you could possibly need right on site. In the morning, we had breakfast by the windows with the beautiful scenery of mountains and nature outside. The food was beyond amazing and blew away out NYC standards. Oh! And did I mention they have sparkling water on tap that you can get any time? This girl loves her sparkling water.
When I finally ventured outside the lodge, we went right across the street to hit the slopes (doesn’t get more convenient than that, does it? We strapped on our Obermeyer jackets (mine was leopard, of course!) and Burton gear to seize the day by snowboarding, hiking and just sitting outside enjoying the fresh mountain air (we don’t get a lot of that in NYC!)
Unfortunately, after an amazing day, it was time to get back to reality. Until next time, Catskills ✌????
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