Hey guys! So for International Women’s Day last week, I had the pleasure of partnering with Lively, a leisurèe brand inspired by women with wild hearts and boss brains, for their Confidence Starts Here campaign. Having struggled with confidence, I wanted to share my interview with you. Because everyone deserves to be confident and comfortable in their own skin!


Lively: How does confidence start within you? Erin: However much of a struggle it may be at times, everyday I wake up and chose to be the person that makes ME happy. I tell myself that I am amazing, that I am special, and that I am worth something. This decision of who I want to be and how I view myself can only come from me. That is how I stay confident with myself.L: How is your confidence inspired? Where does it come from?EC: My confidence is inspired by my mother. She has overcome so much, including losing her husband (my father). She never let any of these hardship or adversities stop her – she always kept going.
“You – and you alone – are the one that has the ultimate power to
make you feel good about you!”
L: Why is confidence starting within so important to building your business?EC: You cannot have a successful business if you do not first and foremost believe in yourself. This belief will give you the confidence to build the business, the strength to keep going because you know you can do it, and the knowledge to know what you are good at and what you are not; that it is ok to not be good at something, and everything to be able to place trust in others to help.L: What was a moment that you realized that your confidence was starting within yourself?
EC: When I got sober, everything I viewed changed in my life. I realized every change starts with me and no one else.L: Best advice for building your own confidence?EC: Find what makes you feel good and drown out the negativity coming from others and society, especially social media. You – and you alone – are the one that has the ultimate power to make you feel good about you!
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