Mamo is Italian with a French accent, very handsome and highly accommodating. All the qualities of the perfect boyfriend. Born over two decades ago on the sparkling French Riviera – it became an obvious choice for seaside celebs (photos of George Clooney and Woody Allen line the walls). But here in the West Broadway outpost on a sunny March weekend there’s an aura of European cool and calm. Pierre, our charming waiter approaches with a wide grin and asks, “Would you like to do the tasting, ladies?” and we are game because, well, it’s Saturday and when you hear Pierre’s accent you think: ‘why the hell not?’
As we wait we sip lattes and admire the elevated bistro decor: white tablecloths and classic No. 14 chairs, oversized vintage movie posters and a pristine marble bar. Mostly tourists and Europeans occupy the other tables and we feel lucky to be the ‘in the know’ locals. And, that was before we tasted the food.
And, on that note: The food! Colorful Bresola Truffle Salad – you won’t miss its vibrant red in the photos, Cesar Salad – the classic with just the right amount of dressing, Farro Vegetable Burrata Salad – light and fresh but super flavorful, Truffle Ravioli -just heavenly (our most memorable dish – worthy of eating and embarking on an afternoon siesta), Gnocchi – more refined & fluffy than Erin’s pronunciation of it ‘knockey’, Chicken Milanese – super juicy & crunchy & complemented by an awesome mustard sauce that we would recommend amping with some Maille, and Crostini with Proscuitto – amazing depth of flavor: fattiness + the sharp ‘split’ of the olive. What an awesome and balanced tasting.
And, if that weren’t enough – dessert was the cherry on our already decadent Sunda–er–Saturday. Thinly sliced pineapple and ice cream – hello, vacation!, a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream, which Pierre dressed with hot strawberries at the table (like a strawberries & cream candy), and Tiramisu that delivered the perfect amount of decadence with velvety mascarpone, spiked ladyfingers and a dusting of cocoa.
Way to go, Mamo. And we don’t say that for just any restaurant. Can’t wait to meet your brother in Antibes. We just hope that Pierre also has a brother there.
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