Whether you suffer from self-esteem issues, like me, or you just want to add those #goodvibes to your life, having a daily mantra – or 5! – has so many benefits. I know you are probably thinking, ‘how could repeating a phrase to myself actually help,’ but over time, this repetition conditions your brain to believing the mantra, and in turn, making you stronger, mentally and emotionally. Think of it as a personal therapy of sorts (that’s free, simple and takes about 1 minute flat!)
Because mantras are very personal, everyone’s will differ, but I wanted to share with you my mantras in the hope you will get inspired to give it a try. This has greatly improved my outlook on life, and I would love to hear your experiences with them (email or DM me!)
Check out the 5 positive mantras to say to yourself on the daily.
Although this may be as basic a necessity as water, it is one that I struggled with, as I am sure others have and still do. I was actually taught this when I was in rehab, and it is something that I still practice. While looking in a mirror, look yourself dead in the eyes and just say, ‘I love you.’ It’s ok if you don’t see Bella Hadid – there is so much to love about who you are!
Telling yourself you are enough is so utterly important, especially in this 24/7 digital world of Instagram competition and photoshopped beauty. Repeating this mantra has helped me to conquer those feelings of being inadequate and give myself worth so that I am treated with nothing but respect and love in all my relationships.
You – and NO ONE else – own your happiness! No outside influence has the power to take it away from you or try to improve it. My red flag moment? When I thought finding happiness was at the end of a liquor bottle. If you find yourself searching for happiness in outside sources, take it from me, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and even more sadness. Look inside yourself and ask yourself what you need to be happy. Make a list, even! And use this mantra to help you always remember that.
This one truly has new meaning for me in my life. Now that I am sober and have eliminated the negative influences, I now find myself appreciating the sky or a long hug from my boyfriend, and am grateful that I got a second opportunity at life and that I am alive.
Being grateful for every day can and probably will mean something different to you. But regardless of the reason, it’s a humbling motto that can help you do away with life’s meaningless noise and focus on the most important things of life.
Out of all the mantras, this one is probably the most inspiring one that I say to myself on the daily. Even though my Instagram may seem like I have #nobaddays, the fact is I do – and everyone does no matter who you are. And even if today was shitty, or not go as you planned, this mantra helps you believe that tomorrow will be better. Like Newton’s Laws of Attraction, or The Secret, what you put out there will simply attract better things in your life.
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