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Dress, Nude Fashion; Shoes, NA-KD Fashion; Handbag, Luana Italy
Dress, Nude Fashion; Shoes, NA-KD Fashion; Handbag, Luana Italy
Dress, Nude Fashion; Shoes, NA-KD Fashion; Handbag, Luana Italy
Fashion. The word that represents so much but means so very little. Being a fashion influencer, I often think about this and wonder what does it mean to be in fashion? How does fashion make up who I am as a person? It sometimes feels like it’s all superficial nonsense, but when I sat down with Nineteenth Amendment, a new shopping platform curated with independent fashion from around the globe, all those true-and-tried reasons – and a few new ones – came rushing back.
Gemma Sole: When did you develop a love of fashion?
Erin Cohen: I’m told the minute I came out crying. Growing up, my mom use to joke that I could go shopping anywhere – even a hardware store! (And it’s true!)
GS: In one word, how would you describe your style?
EC: Chameleon.
GS: How do you incorporate your own personal style with what you do?
EC: Authenticity is very important to me so my style is always my own as I will not wear or promote a brand I do not connect with. I like to pair together the unexpected to get a reaction from what I’m wearing as well as inspire people to take their own risks. I think it’s interesting how people interact with you depending on what you’re wearing. I really do believe that changing someone’s perception of what an addict looks like can start with me.
GS: Describe your morning routine. At 9 am each day, you …
EC: I wake up at 8:00 A.M. and directly feed my two puppies, Maeby and Boots. I throw on my “uniform” (see below) and go to the coffee shop across the street to debate if I want an iced or hot almond latte. One sip in, I regret my decision and wish I went for the other… always want what we don’t have, I guess haha I love people watching – it’s the best inspo – so I usually soak that up while catching up on emails, researching new emerging designers, writing articles for my blog, and my favorite – making excuses why I am too busy to talk to my mom when she calls. (If you are reading this, sorry, Mom. I love you! 🙂 )
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Top, An Italian Theory
GS: Describe your evenings.
EC: I usually hang out with my boyfriend, Shane – who also doubles as my photographer – and watch Curb Your Enthusiasm while on my laptop still doing work – work never ends haha)
GS: Your biggest fashion faux pas, or a regrettable purchase / style phase?
EC: A silk jacket with playing cards and faux-Versace chain links on it that I bought from a vintage shop and paid waaay too much for. You can probably guess that I never wore it (haha)
GS: On Sunday, we’ll find you wearing…
EC: The same thing I wear everyday when I am not taking photos or going to an event: mismatched socks, leggings, and a sweatshirt with most likely a beanie. It’s my version of a “fashion uniform” haha
GS: What is your go-to power outfit?
EC: It obviously changes with the seasons but currently, high-rise wide-leg pants, a crop top and an amazing pair of shoes. Shoes always fit even when you’re having a “fat day” – that’s why they are my favorite accessory haha



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Jumpsuit, A Peace Treaty
GS: What’s the one garment you’ll never give away?
EC: Anything my mom gave me is very important to me and items I will forever treasure. But also any Chanel handbag.
GS: What trend do you hope never goes out of style?
EC: I’m obsessed with socks, so definitely socks as a fashion statement.
GS: What does fashion mean to you?
EC: During my darkest times, fashion was the only constant in my life. So, to me, it isn’t materialistic items or following the latest trends – it’s an emotional bond that has shaped me into who I am and gave me purpose.
GS: What excites you about Nineteenth Amendment?
EC: I love finding and working with new, emerging designers. So the fact that Nineteenth Amendment is giving these brands a platform and the opportunity to be shopped – which is often hard to do – is not only super special, but also extremely fun and very exciting. I can already hear my wallet sobbing.

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