Bow Knit Tie Dress, Howl Fashion; $109 | Tonino Wedge, Carmen Sol; $155
Bow Knit Tie Dress, Howl Fashion; $109 | Tonino Wedge, Carmen Sol; $155
If you live in NYC, you know how serious people take brunch. It’s like the Holy Grail of weekend plans, and no line is too long to check out the newest rendition of scrambled eggs that comes with a beyond overpriced sticker tag. And if that didn’t make you want to cook your own breakfast, Party Brunch, a.k.a dancing on tables to techno in bodycon dresses and sky high stilettos at 12pm on a Sunday, will most definitely have you watching Julia Child videos on how to poach an egg.
So you can imagine how refreshing it was, when last weekend, Shane and I voyaged to green pasture – yes, NYC does have grass (shocking, I know!) – to have a “brunch” picnic courtesy of Personal Attention. A concierge service and event organization company, Personal Attention turned the Brooklyn Bridge and it’s underpass park into the Eiffel Tower in the Champs de Mars.
We arrived to a massive blanket sprawled out on the plushest area of grass accompanied by a beautiful arrangement of white, circular pintuck pillows and mini flowers and heart petals strewn across it. A sign that read, “Shane et Erin,” sat atop a lace covered table next to a lavish picnic basket while champagne glasses filled with sparkling apple cider and a cheese plate that could feed a small country was perfectly placed alongside a grilled chicken salad and overflowing fruit bowl.
I mean, do you swoon?
Needless to say, no detail – or personalization – was left unturned. It was so absolutely perfect that people kept thinking it was a proposal-in-waiting (if only!) Knowing that everything was taken care of, truly let me relax, which literally never happens. And although I consider myself to be an attentive person, there is no way I could have thought of everything that was organized and prepared for our picnic the way Personal Attention had. Which is the beauty of using them. For what you would be spending on a basic breakfast at an overcrowded – and overrated – restaurant, you could instead put towards an once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will always remember and forever cherish.
Now, if they could only get Shane to pop the question….
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