If you didn’t know already, being a content creator is HARD.WORK. Throw in the constant need for “new” and “trendy” from your outfits to location, and it’s downright impossible sometimes. So for those who are looking for that perfect Instagram-worthy shot or just for the ladies who would like to check out a cool spot, I have compiled a list of a few of my favorites.
Economy Candy
Sometimes the perfect prop – and a splash of color – is what makes the photo. So grab that lollipop and say cheese!
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Mural or Street Art
You would think that living in NYC, a good mural or piece of street art is around every corner. I wish! While the hunt for a really good piece can be exhausting, it also makes for the perfect backdrop. When shooting with a backdrop as such, keep your outfit simple as you do not want the art to cause conflict with your outfit.
Houston and Bowery
Situated on the border of SoHo, this wall takes up nearly half of the block and regularly features a variety of brightly-colored and large-scale artwork. This patch of land has been famous ever since the 1980s when artist Keith Haring displayed his Bowery Mural
Lower East Side
Ok. Soooo, I know I said that a good piece of street art is not around every corner but there is a rare exception for the Lower East Side. This part of NYC has yet to turn completely commercial so that old school 90s vibe and tagged up walls still runs rampant. For the above photo, I literally walked across the street from Economy Candy, which I can tell you this was by far the easiest and least amount of walking I had to do in between shots haha
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The Nomo Soho Hotel
This uber romantic and chic hotel can only be compared to what the real life forest from Hansel & Gretel would like sans the evil old lady. It’s breathtaking 50 foot long ivy arch is the only runway you will need to strut your stuff. Plus, they have an amazing little cafe for when you need a break between outfit changes.
Stanton and Ludlow Garbage Can
If you don’t mind playing a little game of dumpster diving – minus the actual diving – for the perfect floral backdrop than this can really turn out to be an amazing shot! So hike up that mini skirt, and saddle up. After all, it’s all in the name of Insta, right?
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Roses and daisies and tulips, oh my! When in full bloom, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a jaw-dropping sight to see. You basically can’t go wrong here, but we do love ourselves a greenhouse shot!
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The utter definition of mid century modern, this clothing and home apothecary boutique has the best lighting and perfect vibe to capture a day of shopping with the girls or that feeling like you are on seaside adventure off the European coast.
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