I find it weird that so much of the world’s status is defined by something that is essentially just metal or fabric or even a 100 year old rock. But even so, there are times when my boyfriend wants to spoil me with that beautiful gold necklace or pink Chanel bag that I’ve had my eye on. And on some of these occasions, funds may not be currently available to allow him to do so. So, the question becomes: Is it wrong to lend your boyfriend the funds so he can get the gift he knows you want?
Let’s just be clear – when it comes to presents, I am the worst. I want to be surprised, but I also know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. There is absolutely no gray, and Shane has long known this. He also knows that, while he could give me nothing and I would be happy, that he genuinely wants to see that light come across my face when I open my perfectly wrapped present.
The fact is that, in life, we often do not make the same amount as our partners, and that’s totally ok. It is also totally ok to lend the funds to or create a finance plan with your partner so he can shower you with something that you will always have and both of you will never forget. Throw in the added bonus of getting points on my credit card and guess what? That shit just came full circle because we can now use those points to travel for free together (because you know this B loves to travel).
For those of you who are thinking’ if he doesn’t have it, don’t get an expensive gift? or why doesn’t he put it on his own credit card? I don’t have a simple answer for you other than this works for us (and many couples I know!) I’m just here to tell you this is 2018, times are a changin’, and it’s absolutely ok to finance your boyfriend’s [more expensive] gifts. Because in the end, the love we have for each other is way more than anything he gives me.
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