Living the European dream . . . in Mexico? Roald Dahl once said, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Whether you believe in it or not, you will find it at the Villa Santa Cruz located in Todos Santos, Mexico. Todos Santos has been on my radar, since reading about it in Vogue Last year, and I am now happy to share my experience.
Villa Santa Cruz is all about blissed-out glam! With cacti gardens, private balconies, fresh brewed coffee every morning, and an amazing pool, this is truly the place to come when you want to unwind and forget about the hustle of city life.
An easy one-hour drive from Cabo San Lucas on well-maintained roads, the palm-fringed desert oasis of Todos Santos provides an ideal respite from the touristy chaos of Cabo. Situated at the foothills of the rugged Sierra De La Laguna Mountains on the Pacific side of the Baja Peninsula, the quaint village is the perfect blend of Mexican history, culture and hospitality.
As you may have noticed, I am in love with boutique hotels. It’s so refreshing to get away from the big chains to see the work of cool local designers and experience a more intimate environment. The moment you walk onto the hotel property, you’re immediately in awe. Situated on 20 acres of secluded beach property with just four intimate rooms (but soon to be more, as they were in the process of developing during our stay! Woohoo!), the boutique hotel is tucked away off of dirt roads just past the town center. The hotel truly feels like you’ve stepped back into a dream- and the architectural details are so impressive. The overall atmosphere of the property is dynamic, and the amenities and features of the hotel offer an intimate feel. Personally, this hotel was totally my style and I wish I could have stayed for days to soak up the elegance.
The Rooms
Forget about old cookie-cutter rooms. Every room in the Villa Santa Cruz is its own unique little masterpiece. In fact, the rooms are so impressive that I am taking back bits of inspiration for my next home decorating project!
They are each flawlessly designed and have their own distinct charms. Villa Santa Cruz offers at-your-doorstep coffee every morning, breath-taking balconies (covered with a brocade flowers), and bathroom equipped with claw foot tub (Sigh!)
The Owners
On to the hospitality, as it was definitely abundant in the Villa Santa Cruz, Jessica and Matt are the Hotel’s owners, and I was basically begging them to adopt me so I could stay longer. I literally just wanted to write for this blog post, “coffee was delivered to our door every morning, The END 🙂 ” That would be almost enough to make me want to go anywhere, but there is just so much more at Villa Santa Cruz. While I am on food, every morning breakfast was made for us by Matt, and was absolutely delicious. It was so nice to be able to just walk downstairs to find homemade breakfast on the table. Felt like home (although my fiancé doesn’t make me breakfast, but my mom still does when I visit), and yet still vacation. Lunch, which is also available on the property for a minimal cost of fifteen dollars, is definitely something not to miss. The first day we were served turkey enchiladas and, this fussy eater almost licked her plate. The second day Chicken Tamales, all made fresh and prepared there by the staff were more in a string of culinary delights.
The Grounds
Now the property, but does anyone really care about things besides food? I am usually planning my next meal while I am still eating one. The hotel exterior and grounds though are beautiful, and literally not a stone is left unturned. If you are a detail-oriented person, you will appreciate the way every little touch was thoroughly thought out. Enter with a code through gated entry, lined with beautifully placed rocks and an abundance of cacti and palm trees. The Villa itself makes you feel like you could be somewhere in Italy (but no we are in Mexico). Stay with me here! – Enter the house through a large door to a fountain (get why I am feeling italy?) and a turtle named owen who lives in this fountain. Jessica and Matt, really put lots of thought into the details of the house, and did not try to cut corners or budget and it shows. Each Chandelier is a different fixture, and the tile staircase made me scared to carry my overpacked suitcase up, as I didn’t want to scratch or diminish its beauty. Every evening, candles are lit to illuminate the house (like I said attention to detail here is so apparent). The pool was just redone, and connects to a hot tub, which I definitely did use, and is just steps away from the villa. Also on the property is a secluded beach just a short path from the villa, and there’s a private palapa!
Even after all of the gorgeous resorts I’ve stayed at around the world, few places can compare with The Villa Santa Cruz. The property is truly outstanding, take me back! Please!!!
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