Let’s be real for a second: If you are an influencer or simply an Instagram user who curates their feed, you likely view your world through an Instagram lens. It’s kind of an eye rolling thing, but it’s a way of life now. And where you are is just as important as what you wear. I prefer locations that are multi dimensional (i.e not a mural to stand in front of) and that have color, texture, and, most importantly, movement in the shot. The great thing about Todos Santos is that it is all very Instagrammable. What is it that makes it so great? The vibrant colors, the desert vibes, cacti, historical monuments – or the amazing, picture ready street food?
I have been very fortunate, in this Instagram centric career path that I have chosen, to visit many places that I would never have imagined going to, or had never even heard of before. Recently, I visited the town of Todos Santos. One of Mexico’s “pueblos mágicos,” or “magical towns,” located about 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. This spot definitely lived up to its magical title, and, without a doubt, was an injection of perfect content for my Instagram feed.
So get your bags packed, your camera batteries charged, grab your passport and start shooting!
1. Las Palmas – If it’s secluded beaches you’re after, look no further than Las Palmas. This secret beach is no longer a secret to you guys! It is easy to miss (we did the first time), as it’s right off the highway down a dirt path. Also, be prepared to off road until you reach a little nook to park. Then it’s a walk through towering palm trees until you reach the beach. The crowds are thin and the coastline is divine; the perfect spot for a epic capture, with no people in the backgound!
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2. The Skull Wall across from Hotel Casa Tota
3. La Bohemia Baja, every detail of this place in “insta-worthy” from the colorful accents, the swinging chairs, and painted skulls, the flamingo adorned pool. Choose a place, point, shoot and upload!
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4. Explore the charming flag lined streets of the town of Todos Santos
5. Cactii at Gypsy Canyon – Don’t be scared of a little prick, there are abundance of beautiful Saguaro Cacti, in Todos Santos, whether you pull to the side of the road of a highway, go glamping, or just do a little off roading.
6. Roam the streets of Todos Santos full of murals and colorful facades
La Rosa Souvenir Shop
La Katrina Surf Shop
Mi Pueblita Mexican Restaurant
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