Have you ever dreamed up a whimsical destination like Dr. Seuss?
Oh the places I have gone, but nothing compares to the Magic that is Todos Santos, so it seems fitting that it is also referred to as “Pueblos Magicos”
Todos Santos Mexico is about 45 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas, on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. It was an easy straight shot up the highway, thanks to a newly tolled highway that bypasses Cabo, the drive to Todos Santos from the airport is a breeze. We rented a car, and I would suggest that future travelers to do the same. It’s a tropical paradise complete with friendly locals, beautiful beaches, dirt roads, laid-back beach bars, delicious tacos, and incredible natural beauty.
In the heart of the town of Todos Santos, you will find La Bohemia Baja. With just 9 rooms, the hotel’s footprint is purposefully small. Often, you’ll feel like you have the whole place to yourself… and it only takes a couple hours here to feel right at home. You’ll wake up to sunshine and possibly the sound of roosters crowing in the brightly colored Instagram-worthy streets of Todos Santos. The highlight of the day might just be the Bohemia’s breakfast, which takes place by the pool, and if one were forced to encapsulate the nature of Mexican breakfasts in three words, thos words would be “spicy,” “colorful,” and, of course, “delicious.”
A hideaway among a mossy enclaved wall, its white-washed stone casitas are decorated brightly with Otomi Fabric. It is clear by the design and detail that owners Erin and Andrew have a great eye. But these owners have so much more than that, they are your friends, your hosts, and are there to make sure you experience and love Todos Santos the same way they do, instilling the feelings that made them move here many years ago. Now, they are raising a beautiful family here. See, they are not just owners from a far, as I had the pleasure of getting to know them meet their family, and was invited to experience the joy that is Dia de los Muertos with them.
The Bohemia Baja boasts a beautifully tiled pool – the perfect place to cool off and take a dip to escape the Mexican sun. Or, perhaps you’ll find some shade on the colorful swinging hammocks. Aside from the owners, Axel, the bartender, found a friend in me (and no he was not slipping me alcoholic drinks, Lol!). He made the best Mocktails I have ever tasted, and was there to create whatever you could dream up, provided the ingredients were within reach.
True to its family owned roots, the Bohemia Baja prides itself on service that goes above and beyond. Each member of the staff knows your name, and is at your service for anything you might need.
Erin and Andrew have also endeavored onto another adventure, known as Gypsy Canyon, which is a “Glamping” escape. They are basically the Mr. and Mrs. Monopoly of Todos Santos, but in a totally non greedy way. They aren’t going to buy all the
properties and put cookie cutter hotels on them, they are going curate amazing personal experiences woven into the fabric of a vibrant town and welcome you in 🙂
When I told my Mom I would be heading to Todos Santos, I excitedly told her that I would be glamping for a part of my stay. I continued to talk about Todos Santos without a second thought and suddenly she interrupted me and said, “Wait, what? Did you say G-lamping?” I started to laugh (I thought everyone knew what glamping was, come on Mom, get with the times, its super popular!).
I began to tell more people I would be glamping, and I started to realize that it is a fairly new concept. A lot of people really didn’t know what it was! So if you didn’t know, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone. In fact if you didn’t know, I think it will make my mom feel a whole lot better to know that she wasn’t alone, so send her a DM (actually, maybe a text or an email or an actual hand written letter) to let her know!
In the mood to sleep under the stars? Gypsy Canyon lets you do just that. In your private wonderland on a 4 acre saguaro lined property, you can light a fire, make some s’mores, and have an unforgettable night away from it all. Not to mention, they also offer yoga retreats.
The beds were comfortable, and steps away from the tents are full bathrooms with warm showers (a major glamping luxury), outlets, and blankets, so you won’t feel like you’re camping back in the days of canoe trips (bring your own T.P. kind of trips ), but truly “glamping” instead!

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