I mean, I already recycle, but I am going green all over again with the new products I just got from GoGreen Hemp. Okay, so I’m sure many of you have heard a lot of the buzz about CBD, but I’m going to tell you what it actually is and why it’s definitely worth giving a try.
So what is CBD? Cannabidiol —the second-most abundant cannabinoid in the cannabis plant after THC — is also found in the hemp plant and is known to have soothing, anti-inflammatory properties. It’s non-psychoactive, so you won’t get that “stoned” feeling — useful when you need to think straight, or if you’re someone who doesn’t usually smoke marijuana. CBD can be a powerful treatment for common issues including anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain. While ingesting CBD products affects your mood and helps with anxiety, the body will absorb products topically – helping with things like joint pain, arthritis and inflammation.
Seeing as CBD has had such a meteoric rise to stardom with an expansive offering of different products, brands and ways to ingest (you can rub, drop, vape, etc.), navigating your way through the noise to find a product that works for you and that is made with environmentally friendly and ethically-sourced ingredients can be tricky.
I am here to help, as I have found a brand that I love, and that offers you an assortment of ways to get your CBD intake. GoGreen Hemp ™ is a family owned and operated company and the exclusive provider of GoGreen Hemp Products ™. I will share with you my experience with some of their products that I have had the pleasure of trying out recently, and they offer a variety of other products that are easily accessible via their website.
GoGreen Hemp Peach Gummy Rings -The bottle comes with 20 gummies (for 51.99), similar to a bag of Haribo gold bears, and can be taken when you want to reduce stress and relax, aka what I need to go to sleep, and way healthier than my usual Cohlab prescribed nyquil. Each gummy contains 25 mg of cbd and added bonus only 25 calories, now thats what I call a win win!
GoGreen Hemp Lavender Bath Bomb – I’ve been a bath advocate for as long as I can remember; I’d take one every day if I could. Even though I rarely have the time to indulge in one these days, you can bet that when I do, I use a bath bomb — preferably one that’s loaded with some sort of glitter or swirls of color. Fast forward to the lavendar CBD bath bomb, no prescription required, infused with lavender, essential oils, and epsom salts, the perfect way to end a long day and ensure a good night’s sleep. Long story short after testing it out, I went to bed feeling like I just had a one-night stand with my tub.
GoGreen Hemp Premium CBD Orange Oil Drops – (26.99) Used by placing a drop under the tongue, is the perfect wellness booster, and has that little magic ability to provide a bit of calm in this chaotic world. Just a few drops under the tongue can help with brain and central nervous system function. (Or so say those who swear by it—as with all these products, results vary for each person.) And if that weren’t enough, the taste of this potion puts others to shame. Try a dash in your next homemade salad dressing or cocktail!
GoGreen Hemp Calming Purple Salve (Balm)– 1000 mg – is highly effective for anti inflammatory related issues, as well as joint pain. And since your skin is a sponge, not a shield, it’s your job to do that due diligence. The salve also smells amazing.
At the end of the day, CBD will not be for everyone. But I definitely recommend at least trying it out. I was hesitant at first, but there are no real reasons to be afraid to try. The products I’ve used from GoGreen Hemp have been just what I needed, but didn’t even know it. I didn’t feel “high” or anything like that, I was just soothed and relaxed (both body and mind). As everyone responds differently to all suppliments and herbal treatments, there’s no guarantee that my experience will be the same as yours but give it a shot!
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