I’ve always been obsessed with perfume, but writing about it is no easy task. It’s so tricky to describe something that you can’t see, hear, or touch, but only smell. Luckily, I am here to vividly share my new favorite scent, and bring this scent to life for you.
Created by Christian Siriano, Intimate Silhouette is a bold feminine scent. Composed of jasmine petals, juxtaposed with black sesame, amberwood, and even deeper into the fragrance are notes of creamy sandalwood, cashmere musk, and Madagascar vanilla. I know you’re thinking, “you bake using Madagascar vanilla!” Trust me on this…. you won’t smell like a pie although it is delicious! Intimate Silhouette shines brightly to me for its surprising but insanely satisfying olfactory combinations. The scent has an air of decadence that makes lovers of jasmine swoon – it’s and light and exhilarating yet arousing freshness.
Christian Siriano built the composition around the theme, which he holds true to all of his endeavors; to create femininity with a glamorous flare.
Aside from the scents beauty, the bottle itself is a piece of art. The original Silhouette bottle was designed by Karim Rashid. To get my new favorite scent click here.
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