Raise your hand if you need a break from your everyday routine! The new ‘staycation’ trend may seem like an excuse for the busy bees who don’t have the time or energy to plan an actual holiday, but hear me out. Staying in your hometown doesn’t have to be a total snooze. It’s a chance to get out of your everyday routine, save a bit of cash, make memories and be a tourist in your own city—no passport required.
We are creatures of habit. When we spend the weekend with our families, we go to the same parks and beaches. The places we know have the right amount of shade and a parking lot that always has a space. When friends are in town we take them to the bars and restaurants we already like. And when we go out for date nights, we follow the formula that has already worked.
A staycation – a vacation you take in your own city – might be exactly what you need. An opportunity to try that new Mexican place, wander through a different park, and maybe find something new to love about the place you live.
Staycations get even easier, with Apps like Hotel Tonight, bringing hundreds of hotels to your phone screen, all with the click, touch or swipe of a button. So what is Hotel Tonight?
Hotel Tonight is an app that helps you find discounted hotel rooms. Hotels give Hotel Tonight their unsold rooms. They show you the best deals each day. Last-minute booking apps are a win for travelers who can save money on rooms and find an excuse for impromptu trips. Plus, you won’t have much competition.
Even better, every day at noon, Hotel Tonight reveals rooms at a curated shortlist of hotels in North America and Western Europe. Rooms are offered at discounts of up to 70% off and categorized by tier (basic, solid, luxe). You can see ratings and user photos before choosing a hotel. Booking takes just a few taps.
We used Hotel Tonight, for a huge adventure, we left downtown Manhattan and went to Brooklyn. Lol! I have been wanting to stay at The William Vale for a long time now, and this was the perfect time, to get my “instagram worthy” photo of the New York City Skyline.
This relatively new property is billed as a “resort” experience, offering everything you need right on site. As you enter the hotel, you can tell every detail was thought through. The lighting and decor were chosen and placed with purpose. The hotel tried to take into consideration that the neighborhood was warehouse-y, using mangled car bumpers in the lounge. But don’t expect a dark, divey looking hotel. With all the unusual glass tables, different chairs and flowers, it balances out. It gives you calmness but luxury. After we checked in, we were led to the elevator. The elevator art provocatively says, “Come live with me.” And yes, I would honey, if I had the money.
The room is as it is. A balcony with seats, daybed and a comfortable bed. The balcony definitely would be the selling point for the hotel with impressive views of Manhattan. You can grab a drink, relax and watch the sunset. The windows are floor to ceiling and you can wake up in your bed watching the rising sun glint off skyscrapers, or close the curtain and sleep ’till 1PM – this girl needs some sleep sometimes, don’t judge! The bed was super comfortable, and had Frette linens, which are boujee in my book!
One of the reasons I chose this hotel was the rooftop. As I mentioned, “sometimes doing it for the gram” has real power over my decision making. The rooftop took my breathe away ( literally too, as winds were gusting at like a million miles per hour). I am a sucker for windows that totally slide open, where you can have indoors but still feel outdoorsy, and William Vale hotel has that.
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