Christian Siriano is always revolutionizing – knocking down the walls of convention. Everything he does has a message and purpose. This deliberate, thoughtful approach is apparent in his new fragrance, People are People, which is gender neutral, and designed to be worn by both men and women. I love the idea of a unisex perfume – also, it saves us money because the fiance and I can share 🙂 There is a message in this scent – some might say that there’s a political message advocating social equality and inclusivity, and maybe there is, but ultimately, it feels like something a bit simpler than that. It’s as if Christian himself is reaching out and saying, “No matter who you are, at the end of the day, People are People. Why shouldn’t we all smell amazing?” It’s beautiful how simple that concept is (and if we all used his perfumes, we all would smell amazing).
The scent itself is of Jasmine, Bergamont, Pink Pepper and more, and is priced affordably because of Christian Siriano’s belief that everyone should be able to be a part of fashion, because, let’s be real, fashion can be intimidating (who hasn’t walked into a boutique and just felt like you didn’t belong). The ‘eau de parfum’ is packaged just as beautifully (if not more beautifully) as any other expensive designer fragrance, but its affordability, super scent and the idea behind it – that literally whoever you are, or wherever you’re from, or whatever gender you identify as, or however much ???? you’ve got in your wallet, you (yes you!) can participate in fashion and own something created by a premier designer – are all positives that People are People has on it’s side.
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