Bali is truly a paradise. Its rice-terraces cascading down volcanic valleys that sport canopies of lush green tropical flora; The psychedelic sunsets saturated in brilliant oranges and vibrant pinks slowly melting over a horizon of endless ocean; A unique spirituality and culture that is woven into all aspects of life – an entire island seemingly vibrating at the same frequency, resonating and radiating from the shores to the island’s heart and back again.
Within this paradise are some of the most beautiful accommodations I have ever had the pleasure to visit and stay at. While many would love to stay in the “action,” in the heart of Ubud, I prefer to be strategically located just outside the hubbub, so I can enjoy visiting the Island’s main tourist hub while ensuring a relaxing respite upon returning to my lodging.
Chapung SeBali is tucked away in a quieter area of Ubud, set between the banks of a river and rice terraces. The resort is no more than 10 minutes away from Ubud Center by scooter and is surrounded by residential homes, farm land and rice paddies. For those looking for luxury in Ubud, The Chapung Sebali is a dreamy oasis. With a selection of private villas (not cookie cutter, with each being unique), as well as suites, the Chapung boasts one of the largest infinity pools I have ever seen overlooking the river valley. On site is a highly rated restaurant, Jungle Fish, that is open to the public but offers preferred options for hotel guests and a cozy dream of a whiskey bar named the Blind Pig that finds the perfect balance of sophisticated and down to earth. Peacocks roam free on the grounds in front of a unique backdrop of both rice paddies and jungle scenery. The Chapung Sebali Ubud is exactly what you’re looking for from a boutique hotel located just outside of a city (though it feels like the Balinese countryside). Each of its luxury villas is a sanctuary that you’ll never want to leave –
At the Chapung, Balinese for dragonfly, you very much feel like one – hovering above terraced rice paddies, free to dart about over a beautiful landscape, stopping to rest or enjoy wherever you like. The Chapung captures something truly amazing and capitalizes on it. The unique recipe of thoughtfully modern Danish design and appointments combined with the warmth and tradition of a Pacific Island culture rooted in spirituality and balance with nature and all things achieves just that – balance. And what a wonderful balance it is! The Chapung somehow manages to make luxury seem down to earth, which enables you to truly immerse yourself in your experience and wring out true enjoyment from the amazing combination of natural beauty, unmatched hospitality and astounding design and amenities that you will surely soak up if you stay there.
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