Whose ready for spring? I know this girl is! As the seasons change, so do we. We change our clothes, our weekend plans, our razor blades (hello skirts!), etc. This spring, the perfect change to make and my best spring cleaning thus far has been a fragrance switch-up. Usher in the spring with Silhouette in Bloom, the fragrance from Christian Siriano. As you know I am a big advocate for all of Christian Siriano’s fragrances, and yes, I am lucky enough to have one for every season. Silhouette in Bloom by Christian Siriano has really awoken my senses, and, when I close my eyes, it has me feeling like I am running through a field of cherry blossoms (really I’m just standing in front of the mirror). It captivates the senses with a confident, sparkling blend of crisp pear leaves, pink pepper and Italian mandarin. It’s so effervescent, even the bottle seems to glow, shedding light on the heart of a fragrance that glows from within. Check out Christian Siriano Silhouette in Bloom now, aligning perfectly with the season as the sun begins to shine and summer approaches.
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