Barcelona is an increasingly popular tourist destination, and a very Instagrammable one too. The most frequent question I get asked on Instagram is to know where I took my Barcelona photos. A quick search of the hashtag #barcelona on Instagram will bring up 36 + MILLION results. That’s a lot of people snapping photos of this beautiful city in Spain. If you’re looking for the best photo spots in Barcelona, this is the article for you. I’ve put together a list of all the most Instagrammable and photogenic locations in Barcelona, so if you want to snap that perfect Spanish holiday photo, just read on!
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1. Sagrada Familia – from the outside Spoiler alert; there will be a lot of Gaudí artworks in this roundup. Gaudí was a genius who left a strong architectural influence in Barcelona, the most famous amongst these being the Sagrada Familia. The Sagrada Familia is a large Catholic Church, currently unfinished. It is very imposing so if you want to snap a picture with the whole building make sure to take it from the small park in front of the facade of Sagrada Familia, as you’ll be able to get the whole building in one shot.
2. Casa Battlo – As promised, here is another Gaudí you have to add to your list of Instagrammable locations in Barcelona. The facade of Casa Battlò is in my opinion on of its most stunning features, with the colourful tiles and undulated balconies. The building is tall and imposing however, so you won’t be able to snap good photos of it from below it, as it won’t all fit in the frame. For a more photogenic Instagrammable shot, head over across the street so that you can fit the whole building in. Unfortunately during my visit this time, it was under construction, but I was able to see it 8 years ago on my first visit to Barcelona.
3. Cathedral de Barcelona– No, the Cathedral of Barcelona is NOT the Sagrada Familia. It’s actually another building right in the highly insta-worthy gothic quarter of Barcelona!And while it already looks stunning from the outside , you can go on its rooftop for just 3€. How cool ist that?! If you come in the afternoon, it’s 7€ because then you have to pay entrance to the church too. Compared to Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila and Casa Battlo this is still a real bargain. ** TIP BE SURE TO WATCH YOUR BELONGINGS IN THIS AREA
4. Carrer del Bisbe – The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is a beautiful area with cool architecture and an interesting vibe for those that love wandering small backstreets. If you want to snap an Instagrammable shot during your wanderings make sure to walk past Carrer del Bisbe. This street is characterized by the famous Pont Gòtic, an archway that connects the two buildings on opposite sides of the street. The street is very small so if you want to take a photo without the crowds, make sure to visit early in the morning. Or learn how to Photoshop people out, either works pretty well.
5. Parc Guell – The Gaudi tour continues. It’s full of instagrammable places – but you will have to fight with many others for the spots. Best time to go is in the late afternoon for sunset – or very early in the morning. In fact, if you come really early, entrance is even for free! Check the official opening times and just arrive one hour earlier – insta-worthy shot for free! Also you can purchase tickets in advance online, to avoid the cue.
6. Casa Mila (La Pedrera) – Next up, another building by Gaudí! Gaudí has even lived in this building for quite a while – and now it is the second most known building of him – just surpassed by the Sagrada Familia.The rooftop of Casa Mila is particularly insta-worthy. Make sure to buy tickets online in advance for sunset pictures.
7. Palau de la Musica Catalana – Probably my favorite piece of architecture in Barcelona, and shockingly its not Gaudi, but instead his mentor. If you love colourful interior decor you will love the Palau de la Musica Catalana; a famous concert hall designed in the Catalan modernist style and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the day when there are no musical performances taking place it is possible to visit this beautiful building. With its detailed interior decorations and the colorful mosaic columns on the outside balcony, both the concert hall and other spots in the Palau make for excellent Instagram shots. **You can only receive entry, when doing a guided tour.
8. Casa Vicens – Should I retitle this, the guide to Gaudi. LOL. This was actually one of the first works of…Gaudí!. Somehow, almost no one knows about this place and it can in fact only be visited since 2017. It’s a bit different from the organic forms of Casa Mila or Sagrada Familia – but nevertheless highly instagrammable!
9. Hospital de Sant Pau – When it comes to Instagrammable buildings in Barcelona, the Hospital de Sant Pau has to feature on the list. Together with the Palau de la Musica Catalana it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was designed in the Catalan modernism style. Before you say it, yes taking photo for the ‘gram outside a hospital is a bit weird. Don’t worry though, Hospital de Sant Pau is no longer a hospital and hasn’t been since 2009, when it was renovated for use as museum and cultural centre. So you can snap some Instagram worthy shots of its beautiful architecture, then go inside and learn about Catalan history.
10. The Bunker del Carmel – were built to defend Barcelona from Franco’s air force during the Spanish Civil War. After the war ended, the anti-aircraft guns were removed and a neighborhood of improvised housing grew up.The houses were torn down during the 1990’s and the area was largely overlooked until it was featured in a Spanish film called Tengo Ganas de Ti.Since then it has become a popular viewpoint for both locals and tourists who come to see the fantastic views and watch the sunset.
11. Parque de La Ciutadella – is a great place to relax after walking through the city. The park is really big and has many grassy areas for picnic. I totally loved the atmosphere – and it’s really easy to snap a nice insta-worthy shot here too! The iconic Arc de Triomf of Barcelona is also located here.
12. Mercat de La Boqueria – The La Boqueria food market dates back to the 13th Century and is one of the oldest and best-known marketplaces in Europe. The cast-iron structure which houses the market first opened in 1840 and was recently restored. Despite the fact that La Boqueria has become a major tourist attraction in its own right, it’s still a working market where local people come to shop. I found it to be quite overpriced, but still worth a visit and a photo.
13. Street Art – Barcelona has a thriving graffiti and street art scene and regularly stages events such as the Open Walls Project, which attracts artists from across the globe.There are large works of street art throughout the city as well as several Murs Liures (free walls) where street artists can sign up to paint.The best known, and most regularly re-painted, walls are in the El Raval and Poblenou neighborhoods. I happened to find a graffiti-ed mini car, when strolling these neighborhoods, and just took a seat.
14. Barcelona Beaches– From the crowded Barceloneta, thru Nova Icaria to the quieter, more family orientated Bogatell and the Mar Vella nudist beach. Barcelona’s beaches are a great place to kick back and work on your suntan, or in Mr. Cohlab’s case, dip his toes in the Mediterranean for the first time.
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