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Cancun is a dream place for a three day weekend getaway.
You don’t often hear about The Yucatan Peninsula being on anyone’s bucket list. Cancun conjures images of neon filled nightclubs, daytime wet T-shirt contests, and thousands of sunburned, drunken college kids ‘wilding out’ for Spring Break. That, however, is not what I saw on my trip. Cancun is about so much more than that!
Fun as partying can be, there’s much more to see and do in this amazing place. You certainly can party at night, but you can check out some of the world’s most amazing wonders during the day. Cancun provides all you need to have one of the most balanced and exciting holidays ever!
Imagine this: passing the day away basking in the Mexico sun while sitting in an infinity pool that overlooks the sea. There’s a cold coconut next to you and good book in your hand. Should you get restless, a troop of professional and friendly tour guides (aptly called “Navigators” at the Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina) are always ready and waiting to personally escort you to extraordinary Mayan Ruins or several fresh-water cenotes that are just a short drive from the resort. Ok, now stop imagining and start packing – because this is literally waiting for you at the Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina. I was lucky enough to experience it all 2 weeks ago. Here’s some more of what it was like:
The flights to Cancun are easy, and the Caribbean Sea is beckoning you, isn’t it? Those warm sand beaches and swaying palm trees all around. I can feel the breeze and smell the ocean air, can you?
The design of the Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina is Maya inspired and is located in the newly developed Puerto Marina; and area that has everything you could possibly want to create your own adventure. The resort boasts an infinity pool overlooking the marina, a modern open lobby equipped with a pool table, a rooftop gym with sweeping views of the new marina, a private beach club that’s a mere 5 minutes away, and three restaurants on site (I had the pleasure of trying them all, and they did not disappoint)! I definitely hit the coffee shop at least twice a day for my coffee fix, and indulged in the red velvet croissants there more than once (o.k., more than twice – I’m pretty much drooling and dreaming of them as I write this) The two other dining concepts include the Merotoro restaurant, offering Baja California, Mexican cuisine curated by Chef Jair Tellez, and the Kaajal Restaurant, that has a locally inspired menu featuring a myriad of options including octopus tacos that my friend and fellow traveler would not stop talking about.
You don’t have to leave the resort property if you don’t want to, but just 50 paces from the front doors is the marina, which puts everything you could want at your feet – eateries, shopping, movie theaters, etc.
As I mentioned above, this Renaissance is also home to the newly developed Navigator program. These Navigators are handpicked for their knowledge and personability. These are the people who can tell you everything you can’t find in your guide books or a quick google search. This is personalized local knowledge and experience unlike anything I’ve seen – this is no concierge! Our Navigator suggested we visit the cenotes, and his suggestion was spot on. cenotes are natural sinkholes that occur due to erosion of limestone. As limestone is a very soft rock (think of it like chalk), the Yucatan has many of these cenotes. Given how hot and humid the weather in Mexico can be (no complaints here – you go to Mexico for the sunshine after all), swimming in a cenote is a magical way to cool off while taking in a natural wonder. Also, if you’ve ever wanted one of those pedicures where fish clean your feet, some cenotes have those very fish (the pedicure is free). End your day at the resort with a sunset cruise (again, the marina is literally at your door step). Exit the hotel lobby and step onto a pristine catamaran. Sail off into the sunset, as you see the resort drift away in the distance. Almost as soon as we left, the champagne bottles popped and everyone’s glasses remained seemingly magically filled through-out the trip.
The Renaissance Cancun Resort & Marina would impress even the most discerning of travelers or harshest of critics. From the resort amenities to the attentiveness of the staff (you never feel as if you’re just a room number and they’ll go out of their way to ensure that you have an excellent stay), the Renaissance Cancun is a must visit!
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