Dominica has earned the named “Nature Island.” The Island’s government is highly focused on preservation to keep the habitat and life cycles in it’s natural state.  Other folks from neighboring Caribbean Islands clearly recognize the country’s dedication to this mission and applaud their efforts.

1. It’s more than just Green in Color

The country goes to the extent of working to eliminate energy production by ways of burning fossil fuels and expand their hydro electric capabilities in addition to installing solar farms and importing wind turbines to help keep their country running.  

Dominica’s government limits, and often restricts many types of mining and drilling operations from international companies no matter the fiscal opportunity for the country and politicians alike.  

Their mission of preservation is continually successful and a joint effort among everyone who lives on the Island.  Locals work along the windy roads in their spare time planting trees and plants in their respective villages.  Men work together to fish in large teams – some as spotters, who specialize in reading the waters by way of instinct, and others by casting large nets, later piling them back to shore in unison like professional rowers. Agriculture grows in abundance and different villages all have their specialties which they share with their brothers and sisters. Crime is nearly non existent.

2. Black Sand Beaches

Everyone loves a beach, am I right? Sand in your toes, the crashing ocean waves, however there is something so much more alluring when it’s a black sand beach. Perhaps it’s the unfamiliarity. Dominica is full of black sand beaches.

3. It’s the Most Overlooked and Unheard of Caribbean Island.

This is both a blessing and a curse. Most people when they hear Dominica immediately associate it with the Dominican Republic. There is no relation. Dominica is not over run by tourism, and for that reason it has such charm and authenticity.

4. The Waterfalls

Dominica is the home to 365 rivers and 12 waterfalls. Pack those water shoes. There are many waterfall hikes full of majestic views.

5. Champagne Reef

I have been fortunate to snorkel many places all over the world, but never have I seen an underwater scenery such as this. Small gas bubbles continuously rise from the volcanic sea floor creating a fantasy like experience.

Dominica earns their nickname “The Nature Island.” And this is why I’d suggest for all to visit.

It’s not just the beautiful black sand beaches with champagne bubbles floating around in waters, the huge mesmerizing waterfalls that calms the inner soul, the opportunity to see our world’s largest mammals float and frolic around the caribbean, the undulating roads flushed with greenery, or the charming beach shack restaurants….. it’s the vibe it all brings, along with the lovely people, that makes you feel like you’re in the pinnacle of paradise.

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