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5 Reasons why you should visit: Dominica

Dominica has earned the named “Nature Island.” The Island’s government is highly focused on preservation to keep the habitat and life cycles in it’s natural state.  Other folks from neighboring Caribbean Islands clearly recognize the country’s dedication to this mission and applaud their efforts. 1. It’s more than just Green in Color The country goes to the extent of working…

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Dominica – Not the Domincan Republic: Untouched Beauty in The Caribbean

The Nature Island Which Island do you dream of?  Immediately upon stepping foot on Dominica’s soil, we fall in love.  The view from above while landing painted an obvious picture of why she’s called #TheNatureIsland.  After becoming completely enamored with everything Dominica, we’re still dreaming about our visit and are incredibly excited to share it with you from start to…

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The Best way to see the Caribbean: Cheap Caribbean

TRAVEL WITH CHEAP CARIBBEAN We were recently contacted by a type company called “Cheap Caribbean,” and have just learned about this organization through a colleague.  The majority of our travel comes by way of partnerships, which leaves us unaware of the costs. Usually.   And often, we hear from friends: “You have the life.  You are seeing places that most…

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Looking for the Best Galapagos Cruise? We Found It for You

When you’re in the mood to get out of the city, what’s the first place you think of? Woodstock? Catskills? Long Island? Sure, those are okay destinations. Kind of predictable, though. That’s why we decided to shake things up by visiting the Galapagos Islands—and we fell in love. With the nature. With the stunning landscapes and the perfect weather. With…

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The Ultimate Hidden Gem of The Caribbean: Golden Rock Resort

  Sint Eustatius Statia is a hidden treasure in the Caribbean. Although in the olden days we thought of treasures as something found by pirates; however, Statia is a treasure of serenity and beauty.  There are so many Caribbean islands all noteworthy for their beauty. Statia, in my estimation ranks near the top! Why Statia ? So you ask, why…

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From Kington to Montego Bay: The Ultimate Jamaica Getaway

KINGSTON SPANISH COURT HOTEL  Situated in the heart of New Kingston and the capital of Jamaica you’ll find the Spanish Court Hotel.  The boutique, modern-designed and well-guarded property feature two pools, cabanas, and a large jacuzzi right out of ancient Greece.  The two outdoor bars are hosted by ever-friendly staff with pure Jamaican hospitality that’s quick to put a smile…

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