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Best views of Positano photo of Positano during sunset.

Best Views Of Positano

Are you looking for the best views of Positano?  Positano is a beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. This seaside paradise overlooks the calm blue Mediterranean Sea. With a photogenic spot on every corner, bright colored houses line the winding vertical streets of Positano.  Whether you are traveling to Positano for the beautiful hotels, the restaurants, or the…

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The Ultimate Hidden Gem of The Caribbean: Golden Rock Resort

Sint Eustatius Statia is a hidden treasure in the Caribbean. Although in the olden days we thought of treasures as something found by pirates; however, Statia is a treasure of serenity and beauty.  There are so many Caribbean islands all noteworthy for their beauty. Statia, in my estimation ranks near the top! Why Statia ? So you ask, why should…

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From Kington to Montego Bay: The Ultimate Jamaica Getaway

KINGSTON SPANISH COURT HOTEL  Situated in the heart of New Kingston and the capital of Jamaica you’ll find the Spanish Court Hotel.  The boutique, modern-designed and well-guarded property feature two pools, cabanas, and a large jacuzzi right out of ancient Greece.  The two outdoor bars are hosted by ever-friendly staff with pure Jamaican hospitality that’s quick to put a smile…

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Step aboard Princess’s Brand New Ship: The Enchanted Princess

THE SHIP The first bit of excitement occurs as we enter mid-ship on the Enchanted Princess, to several dozen crew members smiling, some clapping, and some waving to us and each passenger that comes aboard. The glistening, golden, Venetian-style main hall is nothing but enchanting.  Smooth, circular lines of the 3 story chandeliers, a beautiful grand piano nestled next to…

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Stay at the Most Iconic Hotel in San Juan: The Fairmont El San Juan

THE LOCATION On the award-winning Isla Verde Beach in the tropical Caribbean resides an iconic property:  Farimont El San Juan. The resort serves as a beacon for tourists around the world and entertainers who shaped places like Las Vegas, Miami, and San Juan. THE DESIGN Morris Lapidus is the architect, who is also known for the Miami Icon The Fountain Bleu…

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