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Travel Guide: Hotel Busue, Frida Kahlo and the Tenochtitlán Ruins

Part One: Hotel Busue, Frida Kahlo and the Tenochtitlán Ruins Situated on a quiet street in the centrally-located Polanco neighborhood, just off the main shopping drag and a beautiful park, is Hotel Busue. Originally built as the residence of famed Mexican journalist, Lolita Ayala, it was eventually converted to a luxury 11-room boutique hotel, whose sole mission is to make…

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Viva Mexico: The Complete Guide to Mexico City A city sprawling a massive 573 square miles (that’s half the size of Rhode Island!), Mexico City is every bit cosmopolitan, cultured and exciting, and none of the dangerous and chaotic that you often see in the news. For having a population that rivals the entire country of Canada, it miraculously still…

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Counting Chickens at Le Coq Rico

It’s Saturday brunch, and we’re perched like hungry little hens in the window of Le Coq Rico. Me, appropriately in feathers. They call Le Coq Rico “the bistro of beautiful birds,” but the ones they’re referring to are over our shoulder behind the kitchen line – a glorious, glowing row of rotisserie – shiny and golden-crusted. But let’s start at…

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