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Big Easy Eats

Cohlab NYC moseyed down to NOLA for a taste of the Big Easy. Best stop first: Turkey and the Wolf. Just a few bites in and there’s no wonder it was rated #1 Best New Restaurant in American by Bon Appetit magazine. A short & simple menu, straightforward ingredients and a super laid back space = a lunch for the…

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Day Tripper

In our inaugural post about Day Trips from NYC we wanted to do something that NO ONE has ever done before. Our PR dept. (consisting of 1 person) was able to secure a single spot for an all expenses paid private driving experience on a racetrack sponsored by an exclusive luxury watch company, and we really thought about doing that,…

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WELCOME TO COHLAB-NYC!!! Guess what, we get it. There are a million different blogs out there telling you that “When it’s a bit chilly, what I love to do is cover my nips with non-animal based faux fur Fur-Nips. Cruelty free and super cute!! ;-)” If you like the cliche style blogs, read them. We’re a bit different (BTW, we…

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