Now more than ever we need to let ourselves get lost in art and creativity! Since many of us are working from home, and in my case, not even allowed out of the apartment, aside from groceries.I thought it could be helpful to drop some ideas that you can use for your at-home shoots. You don’t need to travel (although I sure MISS it), and be in amazing destinations to get a good photo opp!

1. Grab Some Fruit and Go BANANAS!

This prop is so fun and easy, and is something that many of you likely already have lying around the house. If not, you can always pick some up during your next trip to the grocery store!

2.Create a Collage

This can be very helpful, when shooting inside, as shooting against the same color wall can get quite monotonous.

3.Add Bubbles!

Blowing bubbles that look this cute is not easy! After multiple attempts at blowing real bubbles to capture this photo, it wasn’t happening for me! You can easily add bubbles with apps like PicsArt or in my case photoshop!

4.Find Your Inner Picasso

You don’t need to be an artist, to look like one.

5. Pour Yourself a Bowl of Cereal

I live on cereal, probably the food I find myself eating the most during this quarantine. So of course, I created an homage to it.

6. Put Your Feet Up

Or in my case, roller skates!

7. Start Spreading the News!

News these days, can be quite depressing, amidst the national pandemic. So create your own news! I used newspaper as a back drop but there are many other ways you can get creative with this daily staple.

8.  Travel Inside Your Apartment

Normally the thought of packing gives me serious anxiety! You would think I would be used to it by now, but I am NOT! I always put it off until the last minute. Lately, I have been missing my suitcase, so I decided to jump inside of it 🙂

9. Feed Your Mind

Everyone has books in their homes, this one doesn’t even require going online to Amazon.

10. Get Flat-LAID 🙂

Flay-lays, are never really my forte, but hey, I have plenty of time on my hands, so I got a little crafty! There are so many objects you can find around the house to add those necessary details for the perfect flat-lay!

11. Get Snap Happy

One of the biggest struggles, I have had during this quarantine period, is creating content that relates to travel! So I had the idea of creating an image, where I could insert all my old travel photos!

12. What’s Old Can Be New Again

Repurpose your old photos, by swapping out a background, or adding details. I am on a pink kick, so I decided to add pink flowers to this photo from last year.



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