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If you’re looking to step into paradise for the weekend, look no further than the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar in Nassau, Bahamas. As soon as you step off the airplane, you’ll be transported to the ultimate Bahamian wonderland. And the best part about it? Nassau is only a short 3 hour plane ride from New York City. I love that it’s just a short flight, and yet still feels like a remote tropical paradise a world away. Who knew paradise could be found so close?
Traveling is my passion, and so who doesn’t love talking about his or her passion? This time, I have to tell you how and why I love the Baha Mar in Nassau. You might think, “big deal another beach vacation,” but let me tell you, it is way more than that!
The Bahamas, which actually translates to “shallow waters,” are a magical collection of over 700 islands and 2500 smaller cays that range in size from less than 1/2 the area of Grand Central Station to the size of the state Delaware. No matter the island, each one is alive with color, conch fritters, palm trees and soft, flour-like white sand beaches surrounded by beautiful turquoise waters. The property at the Grand Hyatt is absolutely stunning. It’s the largest resort in Nassau, but amazingly retains a feeling of intimacy, privacy and exclusivity.
The sun shines almost continually and, if it rains, it’s maybe for just a few minutes before the sun rushes back out to shine on all of the Grand Hyatt’s seven magical pools, all of which are as beautiful as they are refreshing. There is one pool with a cave-like tunnel and its rock formation lined walls house huge glass windows letting you look into several aquarium like aquatic environments that house everything from sea turtles to sharks (part of the Baha Mar’s conservation program). You literally feel like you are swimming with some of natures most amazing sea creatures. Another pool has an infinity area where chaise lounges are set on a wide ledge in just a few inches of water so that your feet are already cooled off when you stand up. I jumped in the pool from my chaise to cool off and get some exercise as well as some time away from this lap top and it was glorious. There are cabanas that you can reserve and then there are spaces in shallow water that, with a push of a button, surround you with walls of water gently falling from above (it literally feels like you are in a cabana that actually has walls made of water – it’s magical). Yet another pool has a swim up bar with all the usual drinks, snacks, etc., but what was my absolute favorite food served there was a veggie burger made from coconut and wheat and was mouth-wateringly delicious. Whether you’re a vegetarian like me or not, this burger is the best burger I have ever had, and it makes complete sense after trying it why it is called the “impossible burger.”
Speaking of food, the Baha Mar has a wide variety of restaurants and foods that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning of pallets. There are 30 different restaurants to be exact. I had dinner in their Italian restaurant, Fi’Lia, and my pasta and sauce was so scrumptious that I used the wonderfully crusty Italian bread to wipe up every last drop of red sauce. Their polenta fries were crisp on the outside and soft, melt-in-your-mouth on inside. I was too full for dessert, but they looked so beautiful, and several other diners told me that I had to come back to try them and indulge on my next trip. Another favorite of mine was Katsuya, a contemporary Japanese eatery that also has locations in L.A., Las Vegas, and South Beach. With almost endless culinary possibilities, you can literally find anything without ever leaving the grounds, from formal Chinese to local Bahamian and everything in between.
After dining I found myself listening to fabulous entertainment singing all my favorite oldies mixed in with newer songs in the lobby bar of the Grand Hyatt, aptly named Jazz Bar.My second morning’s breakfast was in the French cafe called Madeleine. I am not a big breakfast eater, but I love and need my morning coffee. The iced almond cappuccino I ordered was just what I needed to start my day. My mother’s choice was sourdough bread with mounds of smashed avocado that came with salad too. She LOVED it!
Speaking of my mother, the Baha Mar caters to every age, and “caters” is the main attribute of this hotel staff…no matter what you want, they are there to help you out. If you stay as a family, there is a special pool that is great for the young and young at heart. There are shows featuring mermaids and the hotel continually puts on astoundingly good shows daily in the pool (I really enjoyed the synchronized swimming). Walking around the magnificent property, you’ll just stumble upon beautiful flamingos who make the Baha Mar their home. There are also open sandy areas with a bean bag toss, beach volleyball court and chess. There are vintage buses that have been turned into food trucks with one offering delicious Mexican choices, and the other standard bar fare with a full bar to go along with it. These are right on the beach, so you can stroll along pristine sands or dip your feet in the turquoise water after a meal or a snack. If gambling is your thing, a huge casino awaits with attentive servers everywhere to deliver drinks, etc. while you focus on both your fun and funds. While I don’t gamble (at least that’s what I told my mom- remember this was a mother daughter trip), I definitely used to, and I know a good casino when I see one. This is a good casino!
Then there’s the shopping…. beautiful shops replete with top designer jewelry, watches and luxury items that you can go spend your winnings on! Of course there are the little places to buy the necessities, like the sunscreen you forgot. There are also places to get affordable treats for everyone, and my favorite affordable treat was the ice cream stand stocked with delicious soft serve, ice cream bars and fresh waffle cones. Being that I am truly a kid at heart, I chose rainbow sprinkles on my yummy cone! I was lucky to see a wedding taking place on the beach right near where I was enjoying my ice cream, and it was a sight to behold. If you have an event coming up, definitely consider the Baha Mar!
The Grand Hyatt Baha Mar is the perfect place to stay if you’re looking for a mother daughter trip (which is what I did), a romantic getaway (the opposite of what I did), a couples trip, a family vacation, or even a group holiday with friends because there’s truly something for everyone. Of course, you can visit the Baha Mar’s website and see the all the essentials there, but I want to give you a personal glimpse of a magnificent property from me, your personal travel blogger/influencer.
xx ErinPS Looking forward to hearing from you, my readers. Questions, thoughts, whatever, I am at your service! Also if you are looking to escape to paradise, click here and use code GRAM for 15% off your stay. Also feel free to follow and share on Pinterest


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