They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway. They say there’s always magic in the air on Broadway.

But there wouldn’t be Broadway without the motherland metropolis, New York City.

Times Square

Times Square is bursting with energy, fun, and enthusiastic entertainers in and out of the theater. It’s the epicenter of staged productions in North America, in the city which is the epicenter of the Western Hemisphere. Planning a trip centered around our Broadway selection of shows couldn’t be easier with Broadway Inbound.

Just like anywhere else in Manhattan (and a bit in the boroughs), in and around Times Square there’s just too much to do with not enough time even though it’s hopping 24/7. 

First item on our agenda though, is Moulin Rouge. However, before the show we decided to embark on a little sightseeing mission on our way uptown.

Grand Central

The 6 train lets us out in Grand Central which hosts some of  the most marvelous architecture in the Big Apple.  The celestial ceiling has 12 zodiac constellations, with Orion facing backwards (by mistake).  The restaurants, bars, many tunnels, and arched  corridors (which hosted gamblers whispering to each other from adjacent sides) sees over 750,000 visitors daily.  

We exit near the classic Pershing Square diner, before walking towards the beautiful NY public library littered with fountains, statues, and the gorgeous Bryant Park, where we take a coffee break and a few spins around the carousel.


It’s a quick walk to the Al Hirschfeld theater for…. Showtime! Let’s skip to the good part. Did I enjoy The Moulin Rouge? YES!!! I really had no idea what to expect. I’ve had a favorite show for the past ten years that none could ever surpass, but Moulin Rouge may have just done it. I loved the show so much that the soundtrack is now currently on repeat in our apartment. It is not just the songs from the classic movie but a mix of pop music that was unexpected. I may have also been drooling over the Tony Award Winning actor who upon entering the stage I realized was from my favorite Gossip Girl. It was amazing. Many others have loved  the Broadway Production as well, as it has won ten Tony Awards. That should be enough evidence and proof you should see it for yourself. 

Central Park

It’s the next morning and my head is still spinning with excitement. We head to Central Park for a LONG walk, seeing all the sites and visiting the Naumberg Bandshell to do a little dance that reminds me of last night. We pass through the Bethesda Arcade where there’s a quintet performing doo-wop, towards the fountain where there’s a couple more single live performances, pretzel carts, and couples getting their wedding photos taken.

A walk south on The Mall leads us to the best shopping in the country on 5th Avenue. Gazing into the Bergdorf windows leaves me tempted, but not enough to clear out years worth of savings for a pair of earrings.

That would be just Wicked, and speaking of, that’s what we’re seeing next! One of the longest running shows on Broadway (and still going, over 6500 shows), it’s based off The Wizard of Oz and boasts some of the most lovely songs; one being Thank Goodness, and after hearing them all again, I just couldn’t be happier.

I could literally go on and on about New York City, as it was my home for 16 years and will always hold my heart.  Wait, did I mention I saw MJ and met one of the stars afterwards?

I swear, I couldn’t have been happier to see New York again, and I promise you couldn’t be either. As always, reach out directly to me for tips and suggestions for all things Manhattan, and don’t forget to plan in advance and book your tickets with Broadway Inbound

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