In the time of the Corona Virus Pandemic, it’s best to stay inside. Whether there is a shelter in place, we all need to help and flatten the curve. If you’re like me,  certainly you’re realizing that staying inside 24/7 takes quite an adjustment. If you’re looking for things to keep you busy or at least distracted during self-isolation, I’ve rounded up a few ways to pass the time while social distancing.
Get Cultured by virtually visiting a museum
Museums around the world are letting people take in art and history while practicing social distancing through virtual tours. The Louvre, The Guggenheim Museum, and The MOMA to name a few.
Travel From Your Couch 
Obviously, travel is not a good idea right now, and trust me, no one is struggling with that more than me. I have had four trips canceled due to Corona Virus! Luckily, there are some ways to feel like you’re on vacation while continuing to sit on your couch. Virtual tour the Great Wall of China, above all you don’t need to worry about the crowds. Explore a National Park from Yosemite to Yellowstone, and more you can visit them all with Google Earth.
Get Up Close and Personal at the Zoo
Take a home safari, walk through tropical waters, or get up close and personal with some polar bears.  The most noteworthy our  The San Diego Zoo, The National Aquarium, and The Cincinnati Zoo are among many that are offering virtual tours.
Take an Ivy League Course 
Have you ever wanted to say you’ve taken an Ivy League course? All eight of the schools making up the prestigious Ivy League – Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, Dartmouth, and Columbia — offer online classes to the public for free. You can find a detailed list of all 450 classes here.
Stream a Live Concert 
The music community is coming out, because, who doesn’t feel better when they hear live music. As a result, artists and musical institutions are performing concerts virtually, with live-streamed performances. For a full list of dates and times visit here.
Break A Sweat
You can’t go to the gym, but you need to break a sweat and burn off the anxiety we’re all feeling.  Thankfully many companies are offering free online workouts. Yoga, dance classes, boot camps and more. For my full list of free online workouts click here.

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