Situated in the heart of New Kingston and the capital of Jamaica you’ll find the Spanish Court Hotel.  The boutique, modern-designed and well-guarded property feature two pools, cabanas, and a large jacuzzi right out of ancient Greece.  The two outdoor bars are hosted by ever-friendly staff with pure Jamaican hospitality that’s quick to put a smile on your face and a tropical beverage in front of you, whether you are sunbathing on a poolside bed or taking a refreshing dip.

The Lobby

The lobby features modern and colorful furniture which reminds me of a chic 1960s style throughout the floor.  The coffee shop serves up local, Blue Mountain coffee which is known to be of the best in the world.  Moving on to dinner at Rouge, the hotel’s restaurant,  they prepare Steven a jerk chicken penne pasta dish with a light cream sauce which is to die for.  He heads to the room to get set up for production, while I head to the main lounge for lightning-fast internet to get some work done.

Daytime Expeditions

It’s day 2, and we take a short drive to Jamaica’s tallest point in the Blue Mountains.  We meet with JR, who’s a master roaster, and begin to discuss the history of the country and how it came to be one of the world’s best coffee growers and roasters.  We are avidly listening to the stories, which date back to the 18th century (we never knew Jamaica was harvesting coffee longer than Colombia and Costa Rica) when suddenly a tray is brought out for a taste.   This ends up being three cups for each of us because it is absolutely perfect.

We head back to the Spanish Court where Steven does some night flying drone shots through Kingston after another absolutely delish meal. He comes upstairs afterward, lies in bed, and we both agree this feels like home.



This property is a resort, five minutes from Montego Bay airport.  A quick tour of the property takes us first to the large pool with familiar-looking large red beds that offer a gorgeous ocean view. We enjoy the sunset gleaming directly through palm trees which guard the beaches crystal turquoise waters.  The quiet roman baths on the bottom floor are the perfect place for us to kick back and unwind after a long road trip across the island.

An outside bar delivers a complimentary rum punch (which is deliciously strong) and we luckily catch sunset together while enjoying our beverage.  Little do we know what’s in store for us now.

The Room

We’re told that we don’t have to worry about upgrading our room since we both prefer more space.  Now the anticipation is on.  We arrive at the 6th floor and open the door to an absolutely huge, modern, completely open-air room with pristine views of the pool and ocean.  Perfect!! An ocean view is an A+ perk, but an ocean view from bed and a huge balcony to watch the sunset is even better.

The Property

S Hotel Montego Bay is all-inclusive (minus the alcohol) and the food is definitely something to brag about.  There’s a buffet spread of local Jamaican cuisine rich in flavor, like jerked chicken, several curries, choices of rice dishes, endless salad (for me) soups, cheeses, meats, soups, and desserts.  Each time we head down for a meal,  it’s more exciting, especially for Steven who says Jamaican food is the best he’s had throughout all his travels.

We embark on several day trips including snorkeling in Negril, hiking the rivers of Mayfield Falls, and are always back in time to enjoy the sunset from our balcony and another delicious meal.

2 beautiful hotels, 4 excursions, beautiful people inside and out, delicious meals (and the best coffee, ever) and we still feel that Jamaica has the nickname it deserves. ….. The Promise Land.


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