When I heard that I was invited to the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, I tried to conjure up what a resort with such a name would be like.  I am not an opera buff and a convention center sounded to me like a business place, not an opulent resort, but my preconceptions were totally completely wrong. This resort in the center of Nashville is amazing, magnificent, natural beauty  and  entertaining all in one!

Firstly,  let me talk about the grounds. Gigantic with an indoor river winding its way along the lobby interior was breathtaking.  I jumped aboard the boat and enjoyed a view of everything surrounding from inside the lobby. Can you imagine????  Then there were waterfalls also inside the hotel and the melodious sounds of the waterfall were wonderful to enjoy even at night from my room to get lulled into sleep mode. By day of course, nothing beats the natural beauty of a waterfall.


In addition to the natural beauty of water falls and river, The Gaylord Opryland Resort lobby also features dining experiences as well as shopping and entertainment. There are over ten different restaurants to choose from inside the resort! So whether you are craving, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, a Steakhouse, your cravings can be fulfilled without ever stepping a foot outside the resort. Every day  after having a sumptuous breakfast, I walked to a different “lobby. I never had to even walk outside  and each one was more beautiful if possible, than the next.  Waterfalls, exquisite shops, and changing decor and decorative accessories dependent on the holiday at that time.



Entertainment consisted of different individuals who were beyond talented musically. Some played instruments, some sang, and some sang and played instruments at the same time. The entertainment was daily and began after lunchtime straight through the evening. I knew that Nashville is known as the music city and it does live up to that  title judging just by the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center. I have never stayed in a Hotel where music surrounded me and not piped in electronically over a PA system.


Now in case you are a kid at heart like I am or bringing your children, there is an entire water park on the premises. It had  a lazy river where you could ride down in total relaxation as well as numerous water slides and a separate section just for adults. Feel free to sip cocktails from a pineapple shaped plastic glass and then take home your glass as a forever memory of this resort. If you wanted to stay on hotel grounds there was so much to see and do without ever stepping outside, but being that I am a travel blogger sharing everything Nashville has to offer is important to me. I did spend an evening getting a feel for Nashville.

Nashville is named Music City with good reason. It started long ago in1925, when they started a radio station with a broadcast called Grand Ole Opry. This made Nashville’s reputation as a music center, which it still remains today after almost 100 years.  One would expect with that name to be all opera but, in fact, it was home to country music as well as today rock and roll and all genres of music. Take a stroll down Broadway, and stimulate your senses with all the lights, and live music being piped out from every establishment. Thanks to Visit Music CIty we had all the best tips, and resources to explore Nashville to the fullest.


In addition to music, there are all sorts of culinary delights in restaurants in the city. While we spent most of the time at our resort, we did make it to this delectable and fun restaurant Sonny Nashville. Dine inside or outside by your private fire pit. They have life-sized games, and delicious food to accompany it for the perfect evening. I had to break my vegetarianism to try the brisket, as common, I was in the south! Let me tell you, it was worth it!

So, if you have more questions contact me, send a dm, or through my website. I am always here to answer your travel questions. I am beyond blessed to have been traveling so much. Although it is cut back now due to COVID, there are still places to go locally and get a safe break! Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center is the perfect place.


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