Having been traveling the world for the last few years, I have learned so much. I have refined my tastes to a point. I really know the qualities and conveniences, and types of places that are best suited for me. Something about the country of Jamaica just puts an instant smile on my face the minute I land! The country is a VIBE.

From pick up at the airport, where our driver Brian (who has been with Jamaica Inn for over a decade) greeted us with a cooler of Red Stripes and cold water. He then proceeded to take us by Scotchie’s for jerk chicken and rice and peas. I was already on cloud nine, before pulling in the gates to Jamaica Inn.

After driving through the gate at Jamaica Inn, I exit the car with excitement. This hotel has been run by the same family for decades. Jamaica Inn is perfection for a vacation resort. It is a premier destination for casual elegance. Ideal for a romantic getaway, or an escape from your hectic home, Jamaica Inn, does not allow children under the age of ten.


When I first arrived. I was personally greeted and escorted to my villa.  This property features villas that again, are beyond compare,  with your own private stairway leading from your door to the water. What could be better than ocean front as well as your own private pool and two outdoor showers?  If you both return sandy you each have your own.  There are also suites, and they are the first “on the water suites” in the world.  One can sit on his or her balcony and feed the fish as they swim by. Of course the furnishings are comfy and chic, as are the “in room” amenities.

The Spa

I leave my villa to go to the spa. The spa is nothing short of amazing. The setting alone is gorgeous as you receive your treatment immersed in nature. Lay your head down, in the open air style huts, and relax into your treatment, with the sounds of the ocean as your soundtrack. I could give more details if I had not fallen asleep, it was that relaxing.


Well, if you’re like I am, when you’re all relaxed, you are hungry.  I always wake up hungry and at Jamaican Inn you can opt as part of your inclusive meal plan to dine at off premise restaurants. I loved the newly opened Sunday House. The ambiance was as if you were at a royal tea party, or at a fabulous backyard house in the Hamptons.

Of course the restaurant on property is also great, but it’s nice to be able to dine out when on an all-inclusive.  The afternoon tea brought to my villa was lovely. Think not just tea, but fresh fruit, rolls, and more.  We also loved the Jamaican jerk chicken.  The bar, named Teddy’s is lovely too, if one wants to relax, chat and have a drink or two. The have a beautiful cocktail bar set aside the restaurants, that oozes old world charm. Think bartenders in suits, asking would you like that “shaken or stirred?.” Jamaica Inn, upholds their long-standing traditions, and when dining in the evening men must wear slacks and no flip-flops, and women  must dress in cocktail attire.



On property at Jamaica Inn, you have access to a wide variety of activities. Paddle boards and kayaks are included complimentary, as well as a gym (which is reservation only – as strict covid procedures are upheld). They offer yoga, swimming, boating and above all what I loved was a fabulous rafting trip with  an amazing guide  on the Martha Brae river. Our guide was so informative and  the raft ride so  picturesque  and unique, please go and try it.

In conclusion, this trip was so exceptional, and I cannot thank the Jamaican tourism board, and Jamaica Inn enough for a trip that I will always treasure.  It really awakened all my senses and the memories will be with me forever. Not only would I love to go back maybe with a husband (lol)  or alone is still totally enjoyable.




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