Perched beyond a rocky bluff on the southern side of Vieques, Puerto Rico resides a gem of an astonishing boutique resort.

As we arrive at the Blue Horizon, we enter the gates that remind us of stables we visited as children for horse-back riding and jumping. The path to the Mediterranean 70’s style open and airy main house is about a mile long… and beautifully decorated with our property mates for 3 days to come. Path-side gangs of wild horses greet us with perched faces and shaking tales, welcoming us to their property where they roam, graze, and sleep freely.


Through the open reception, beyond the comfortable airy lobby, and past the infinity pool roams our greeters’ cousins, serving as a beautiful sight against the blue green Caribbean. Friendly and welcoming vibes swim inside of us. A calming and jovial feeling takes over. Smiles paint our countenances.

The only impulse we have is to grab our cameras and roam the property. As we explore we discover we cannot take a bad photograph here! So, to the room, into our suits, and into the infinity pool.


There are only a few guests in the area since this is a boutique hotel. As we take our first dip, our friendly neighbors brief us of their experience over their stay, while pointing at several horses approaching the pool. Two adults and two ponies slowly make their way, take their sips of water, and return to the grand lawn to graze and sun gaze.

The outside world is no more, for we are in heaven.


Vieques is a smaller island off Puerto Rico’s main that once served as a US naval base. In the 70’s the tourism transition began to occur, and one thing has never changed. The beachy, friendly vibes, and the wildlife free to roam the island.

A quick and scenic ferry ride gets you there.

The perfection of the landscapes and vibes keeps you there.


Dinner was perfect and quickly served on the airy balcony next to the main bar. Low key music is playing, and we can still see horses slowly roaming the property under the bright and romantic moonlight.


The island has nothing short of activities, for tomorrow we’re visiting Mosquito Bay for the bioluminescence followed by a horse-back ride on the black beaches.

Off to bed, and a perfect night’s sleep in our King bed. A gentle wake up call comes from the resident roosters around 6:30, reminding us to get outside and stay outside. The coffee served is rich, the sunrise glows perfectly, and the horses begin their morning exercise.

I’m off to enjoy lawn side yoga guided by our hotel manager. As I move through the flows, she reminds us to surrender, let go, and enjoy the moment. This will not be forgotten.

Steven is roaming the property with his cameras, capturing the essence and and the beauty of Blue Horizon.

In the afternoon, trained (not wild) horses come to pick us up for a calming walk along the black sand beach just beyond a bluff. We pass through the varied landscapes of hill tops and the forest before traveling back to the property on a paved Vieques path.

As we dismount, the van from our bioluminescence tour guide pulls up. Ain’t no rest for the wicked! We pull into mosquito bay during a new moon and paddle out on our transparent kayaks for about five minutes. Suddenly the water begins to swirl in bright blues around our paddles. It’s a spectacular sight, and we take a quick lookup to see the Milky Way glistening above us.

We return to Blue Horizon in awe and astonishment, completely encapsulated by the magic this whole experience has to offer.

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