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I am Erin Cohen, an  Instagram influencer, an ordinary woman, but when I came to vacation at Round Hill resort in Montego  Bay, Jamaica, I felt like I was a superstar much like Jackie  Kennedy Onassis or Meghan Markle who have all been guests at this iconic resort. What words can adequately describe the luxury, the service, the beauty that enfolded me for the most marvelous four days of my life?
First ….the grounds ….. 110 ACRES……ocean front villas, hotel, spa, tennis courts and miles of ocean,  sandy beaches and nature at its best with bougainvillea all around the villas and the property as a whole.  Unlike most resorts Round hill actually has villas that are owned by guests who come often or stay as long as they wish for serenity, luxurious rest and fabulous amenities.  When you make your reservation you can choose what suits you…the Ralph Lauren designed oceanfront guest rooms of which there are 36, or a magnificent luxurious villa with rooms and suites of which there are 96, or private bedroom villas which have anywhere from 2 to 6 bedroom villas and many have their own private pool.
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Are you an epicurean or gourmand or just an ordinary eater?  No matter, because here the food is outstanding ..not ordinary but extraordinary!   Let’s start with breakfast. You can have a team come to your villa and prepare you the most sumptuous breakfast right in your own villa kitchen based on the written request you left for them the previous night.  They are meticulous down to the minutiae of seasoning, presentation and of course taste. If you choose to dine in the dining room, there a huge presentation of any and all breakfast items awaiting you, again not only appealing to your taste buds but visually colorful and beyond appetizing.
Let’s not forget lunch and dinner and cocktails…..all beautifully executed by a James Beard award-winning chef. There is a  covered overhead outdoor cocktail area where you can drink your favorite drink while gazing at the ocean or looking up at the stars. Their tapenade was so delicious, I took a container back to my villa with plantain chips so I could linger longer over my feast. The cocktail bar is part of the outdoor terrace where there is also a  restaurant which daily prepares culinary delights which change each day…no end to the fabulous choices you have.  If you walk up a few steps from the outdoor terrace, you come to the grill.   In Jamaica, one always starts with fresh homemade soup, and the soups again…..mouthwatering.  They actually have a soup day where each meal has a special soup.  This is not a typical hamburger/ hotdog grill.  Here there is steak and lobster, jerk chicken a  Jamaican specialty. There are also cheeses, fresh veggies, salads and then finish it all off with the most delicious desserts…..   I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the live music nightly in any and all eating drinking areas. Each night was different …piano bar one night, reggae band another night and more.  A sense of happiness pervaded my sense of hearing, sight smell and of course taste .. everything excellent.
Now onto the amenities.  There is something for everyone of any age, so all this luxury is even fine for your children.  There are tennis courts for the established player and also tennis coaches to give lessons to anyone who needs them.  The water trampoline was so much fun but, also quite a workout. There is a gorgeous infinity pool that overlooks the ocean and the ocean goes on till infinity!   Well now onto the spa. , which I “sorely “needed …no pun intended to get the best massage for my sore aching parts! There is also a kids spa great for a tot to teen and tailored for their pleasure.  There is also a kids club with fun activities for their enjoyment.   If you would like to do more than gaze at the ocean, try any of the fabulous water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, snorkeling or just swimming and jumping in the waves.
 As much as I loved every amenity of Round hill and almost did not want to leave the property, I was advised of a cultural activity that sounded great and it truly was …..I went to the Rastafarian village. We learned all about their culture, played their drums, listened to their native music and learned about their homemade soaps known for their healing properties.  I ate their traditional dishes and I left on a natural high even though I was not offered the Rastafarian  Ganga.
Would I want to come back to Round Hill? YES!!! YES!!! I could get used to this lifestyle quite easily.  It was luxurious without being ostentatious, the menu was fabulous without being fattening wasted calories, and the beauty was natural to the point of their chandeliers which they lit each night with candles by hand. No electricity needed. Even the tiles were the original tiles dating back to its origin in 1950 which were on the floor as you entered the lobby….all part of the loveliness from Ralph Lauren’s design. Are you making your reservation?  Hope I can join you!

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