On the award-winning Isla Verde Beach in the tropical Caribbean resides an iconic property:  Farimont El San Juan. The resort serves as a beacon for tourists around the world and entertainers who shaped places like Las Vegas, Miami, and San Juan.


Morris Lapidus is the architect, who is also known for the Miami Icon The Fountain Bleu Hotel.  This six-acre resort-style hotel features many restaurants and amenities including a two-level fitness club, four pools, sparkling ocean, and poolside cabanas, and high-speed internet throughout. The glorious lobby provides more than just a comfy place to sit while waiting for your room to be prepared.


From the lobby, I can hear the echoes and rhythms of influential entertainers like Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra.  The vibe of the main, oval-shaped bar has stages that once entertained a crowd donning light-colored cotton suits and beautiful, 60’s era dresses immediately has me flashback to my younger years when my aunt played her vinyl collection from the ’50s and ’60s.  The stunning room is beautifully decorated with hand-carved cherry mahogany. It is lit perfectly from a massive hand-blown glass chandelier which is the third-largest of its kind in the world.


 After we depart this area, we enjoy cappuccinos at the cafe near the pool tables before check-in.   To our surprise, we ponder our visits to the Blue Mountains in Jamaica and the Appalachians in Colombia, and how this coffee trumps what they deliver.

Feeling fully caffeinated, I am now ready to Check-in. It is a breeze and we head to our ground floor pool-villa suite with a 200 sq ft private terrace.  Luckily the hotel is only 7 minutes from San Juan airport, so my bed-check is brief yet nothing short of delightful.


 After checking in, our first stop is the pool, because we have a villa it is a short walk. Open the sliding glass doors to the terrace, and we are there. So We snap photos.  A quick left takes us to through the dome entrance to the Isla Verda beach as result greeted by the blue-green tropical waters. It’s nothing short of glorious.  We sunbathe, take a dip, and return to the room for a quick shower.  Back to the astounding lobby bar for old-fashioned and delicious sushi dishes. The bartender educates us on the hotel’s history in addition to what we’ve read earlier while at the beach. Looking around, it’s easy to imagine the kind of energy that fills the place during high season.


We are full of gratitude to be guests of the fabulous Fairmont El San Juan Hotel. Feel part of the history among the many musicians and talented guests who enjoy this exquisite property. Go see it for yourselves 🙂

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