The first bit of excitement occurs as we enter mid-ship on the Enchanted Princess, to several dozen crew members smiling, some clapping, and some waving to us and each passenger that comes aboard.

The glistening, golden, Venetian-style main hall is nothing but enchanting.  Smooth, circular lines of the 3 story chandeliers, a beautiful grand piano nestled next to a danced floor (which is later hosted by a small trio headed by the talented singer), and there are many shops and restaurants to serve your every need.  The folks at Fincantieri (the shipbuilders in Italy) definitely added their own domestic twist which screams class and elegance. 

First, stop – our cabin.  We walked through the brand new, lively casino to make our way to our suite on the 12th deck.  Since we’re still at the port, there will be no card playing for us at the moment but alas, the exciting feeling of being dealt our first-hand stirs inside us with anticipation.


Steven and I have already donned our blue and pink bracelets which house our medallion to be used aboard the ship and while we visit the port of calls.  As we make our way to the elevators, large LCD TVs begin changing “stations” to broadcast the cutest sea turtles swimming towards us delivering cute little personalized postcards.  We’re to later find this is one of several tools used to discover all there is on and off the ship.  More on this in a bit.

We arrive at our room which unlocks automatically thanks to the Medallion.  How convenient!   Unlike every other hotel we’ve visited on our adventures, no need for key cards or physical keys.  Phew.


Into the cabin.  Large shower (with a tub), King-sized bed, two end tables, couch, desk, coffee table, two 42” televisions, and a balcony! With two chairs and a table to add.  All brand new, all comfy, alllll good!!! And amazing.


Being on a ship almost 4 football fields long, 3 pools, 2500 cabins, and endless restaurants can at first be overwhelming… in a good way of course.  Where to go, what to do.  Per our host’s suggestion, we open the medallion apps on our smartphones to start planning out our ship activities and port of call excursions.  

Golf ⛳️ , basketball ? , tennis ? , swimming ?‍♀️, Lido deck movies ?, Italian, French, Gastro-Pub English, American-Grills, Sushi, Pizza, cafe’s, a Seafood Bar, the International Market, the wake pool’s grill, shows galore, live music, magic shows, dancing and ETC ETC ETC… we will never get bored!!!! And we didn’t, of course. 

So of course, I love to detail the activities, the beauty, my sheer fascination of engineering, thought into detail, and the imagination that goes into the design and build of a ship this size.  Just navigating this monstrosity of a beautiful hotel on water directly to our ports, safely and on time, is mind-blowing.

What gets me the most is the mesmerizing ocean waters from every angle, deck, and perspective aboard the ship.  The vibe of the Caribbean Sea enters my body and soul, swimming within and erasing all stress and pressure created by the day-to-day grind ashore in society.  And I find it doesn’t just live within me.  It lives within every last person aboard the ship… including the crew and leaves me with one underlying emotion.  Happiness.


Our port of calls delivered the same.  Princess Cay, Curacao, St. Martin, Dominica, and Aruba all delivered the same vibes, the same level of happiness, and a similar love of the world we live in.  No wonder why “The Love Boat” was made after the Princess Cruise Line.

Fast forward to the trip’s end. Looking back on our 10-day voyage, the expectations, and the outcomes.  We generally travel on our own, minus being accompanied by tourism board folks here and there.  We also thought cruising wasn’t for our type (younger, adventurous, energetic, and “hip”).  But we were wrong.  We loved every last bit of the trip and absolutely cannot wait to climb aboard once again for a voyage of Love and happiness.


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