When I travel, I have to find the perfect balance for my body and mind to prevent burnout. I am no stranger to dynamic social life in Miami Beach and New York City. Winding down at day’s end with a couple of glasses of wine could end up being the perfect anecdote to the daily grind. Sometimes a glass or two of wine on the couch with NetFlix would do the trick instead of going out.

Until there’s another trick in the morning when I’m sluggish, another later on when I’m tired, and even more when I have to put in overtime to burn off the extra calories.

It just wasn’t sustainable.

I needed an answer and needed one fast.  I thought to myself what’s the best way to slow things down from a hectic day, with a similar effect, and not with similar repercussions.


I remember my friends talking about CBD gummies here and there that they’d take before sleep, in place of melatonin.  One said a lower dose would help calm her down when need be.  So I did my research, to find that CBD can be used for more than just relaxation and sleep; in fact, it has numerous benefits, short and long term.

Compare that to the benefits of alcohol (0), so I figured I’m on the right track.

It wasn’t just about the end-of-day routine, it was about shifting the whole lifestyle.  Incorporating a more manageable level of energy throughout my day so I don’t feel I need to slam on the breaks… so I’d need help with that too, and keep it consistent.

That’s when I came across Veryvell’s CBD drops.  One for go mode – one for slowing down, one for kicking back.  Zero calories, all-natural, and all created to keep me functional across the board.

So I gave them a shot.  I have to admit this is no magic potion, like a glass of wine may be, however, when I became more aware of myself, more aware of my intentions for balance, and stayed committed to the new regime, I actually began to feel the effects.


As I write this at 10PM after a long day of work and being social (without alcohol), it’s 15 minutes after my 2 nightly drops of Unwind (CBD + L-Theanine), my body is experiencing relaxation, and my mind is mostly free of anxiety, which is the perfect equation for a good night’s sleep.  There is zero anticipation of waking up sluggish.

With this change in lifestyle, I’m also not reaching for that second cup of coffee. I no longer feel as if I need it (maybe once in a while), and have replaced the hot bitter beverage for more freshwater, and often a couple of pumps of Focus (CBD + Guarana, which is a low dose of caffeine but is rich in antioxidants).

What I find helpful about using Focus rather than coffee as well is that there is no comedown.  As much as I love the jolt of energy AKA a massive push of caffeine, the hour afterward is less than desirable and I’m not as productive, at all.

The benefits of slowing down from my old paces impact many facets of my life.  Additional energy for more exercise.  I interact better with colleagues, friends, and family.  I have fewer urges to “find” relaxation since I’m practicing it. I’m happier, and I’m healthier.

So be sure to check out Veryvell and use code Erin20 for 20% off.

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