, Florida is a phenomenal place to spend a relaxing vacation. As a travel blogger, I am fortunate to travel to the finest hotels all over the world and each has its own unique vibe.
Brazilian court transports you to a lush tropical paradise, an oasis of greenery, replete with chaise lounges, round tables with circular seating and chaises with canopies overhead for those who want to rest in the sun but protect themselves from it’s damaging rays .
   When I first drove up, my spirits soared immediately…..no high rise here…no coping with  lengthy elevator waits. Everything feels more personal and imbued with a sense of home. Perhaps that’s why, when on a tour of the hotel with management, they like to refer to their hotel as “relaxed luxury.” The hotel possess all of the five star quality you would expect from a boutique hotel, but without any of that “staunchy, boujee” type feeling that you will experience at many other properties in Palm Beach. The second oldest hotel on the island, it just celebrated 93 years!! Over 9 decades old, my mom is younger than that! Sorry mom! Even cooler is that over that time, structurally, virtually nothing has changed. Originally designed as an apartment/hotel complex, everything was built around the focal points of two luxurious courtyards, with the
architectural complexities facing inward towards the courtyards as opposed to embellishing the street-facing facade. Now, there are 85 rooms total, all in suite style from 1 to up to 3 bedroom luxury suites! People love this hotel so much, I was told one person just booked her 137th stay at the Brazilian Court (I also secretly want to know what this lady does for a living, and has she ever wanted to be a “fairy god-mother?”). The property is truly meant to feel like home, it is your home away from home, the home you come to 137 times, and one where you never have to make your own bed, somebody does it for you! Many of the features around the property reinforce the essence of home and, even when renovating the rooms, the hotel decided to stick with traditional door locks and keys as opposed to key cards to keep that old-school feeling of unlocking the door to your own house. I really liked this, it gave my key a certain uniqueness and importance, and while I’m sure it would have been fine, I felt like if I lost the key, there was a chance I’d have been screwed because they front desk couldn’t just make me another one.
Like many homes on “The Island” (which I learned is how people from Palm Beach refer to Palm Beach), there is a library. I immediately noticed the backgammon and scrabble boards, and was ready to challenge my mom that afternoon! Obviously equipped with more than just games, like at home, you can take whatever book you like, and if you want leave one behind for the next person who enters your library, you’re more than welcome to do so. There even used to be a regular book series held on the property and many of the books held in the library are signed by their respective authors. I was told James Patterson has spoken there on occasion, and that I may see him riding his bike on The Island (big James Patterson fan here), as he has his own residence nearby. Also, did I mention the hotel is super pet friendly? Basically they want you to bring your dogs, I overheard when sitting in the lobby that there was a guest arriving with a dog, so everyone on staff was excited and they made sure to have a dog bed sent up to the room! Like is this real life? I have found my new home!
 The hotel heralds beautiful European inspired architecture with gorgeous lush courtyards and classic Spanish Mediterranean decor capturing European Old-World charm that is redefined for a new generation of guests seeking a retreat within its softly colored stuccoed walls, sure to leave you spellbound! This is PARADISE! In the midst of a gorgeous residential area, you feel as if you’re overseas with fountains and greenery and pathways and arches leading to a courtyard with individual living spaces all around. I was in the Tracy suite, which had a huge living area with a dishwasher, mini bar, full refrigerator and comfy table chairs for dining, as well as sofa for relaxing, and reading the New York Times, which was included daily, and a desk from which to work. Then the bathroom…huge separate tub and glass enclosed shower stall and, of course, lovely toilet and sink and plenty of drawers and stocked with wonderful toiletries presented by the Brazilian Court. The bedroom had a lovely bureau and plenty of closet space as well as a wonderful king size bed and a little private outdoor patio. Each day we were offered turn down service along with two delectable truffles. I partook of the truffles as I relaxed in the bathrobe they provided for me that had the best terry on the inside and soft cotton on the outside (I’ve had the good fortune to try out plenty of hotel bathrobes, and this was magical).
     The staff is beyond compare – from the valet parking and help with luggage to the complimentary coffee in the morning, they aim to please – and they do! I don’t like cream or milk with my coffee and they brought me a pitcher of almond milk – perfection. I loved the old school sugar – little half inch balls of brown or white and a spoon…no packages here!
        During the day of course I am busy, finding just the right spots for photographs, but no problem. There are soooo many places so fetching to appeal to anyone young like me or older like my mother. Again Sorry mom, not saying you’re old, just old-er!
 When I entered the pool area I saw a huge jug of chilled water with lemon and lime, wonderful towels, and a lovely pool surrounded by tropical greenery and beautiful comfortable chairs. There was a full length mirror as a decorative piece, which I loved, so I got a picture facing the mirror with the whole pool in the mirror’s reflection.
   There is a fabulous Frederic Fekkai Salon right on premises, so of course I had my hair blown out there and it was among the best I have ever had. Frederic Fekkai has an international reputation for selling and using their fine hair products and this location did not disappoint. I wish I could transport them to Arizona for my destination wedding hair styling!
      Food glorious food…….cafe Boulud lives up to its reputation. Chef Daniel Boulud restaurants are renowned the world over. The wait staff was sensational. They appeared out of nowhere right when you needed them, but were never an interruption. There is a four course dinner paired with wines, and though I’m sober and didn’t drink the wines, I sure did make up for it in food. I love olives and they brought me a huge bowl of divine green olives that I finished with my bread so quickly, they brought me another bowl. The gazpacho was chunky, refreshing and delicious. The little amuse bouche was delightful, and while I can’t tell you exactly what it was, it involved a small cube of watermelon with something crunchy and something else, but it was just perfection. The steak in wine sauce was the best my mother claims to have ever eaten.
 The desserts looked amazing, but after all the options, we settled for sorbet and both the grapefruit and the lemon were just what we needed – sweet yet a little tangy and definitely light accompanied by little pastries, each with it’s own tantalizing taste, all paired perfectly with our cappuccinos.
       The Brazilian Court also has its own beach club nearby, and while I unfortunately didn’t have time to visit there, it looked beautiful and has glowing reviews.
   In summation, all I can say is, “GO THERE!” Before I went there, I heard amazing things, but also had seen some comments calling the property snobby or not particularly inviting – but anything you hear about Brazilian Court that isn’t fantastic just isn’t true. Definitely see for yourself! From start to finish everyone was helpful, lovely and, although I am not a movie star like Sophia Vergara (who had her rehearsal dinner there), and I am just an ordinary traveler, Brazilian Court made me feel extraordinary! From arrival to departure and everything in between, all was amazing!

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