Somerset Maugham wrote, “there are few things so pleasant as a picnic eaten in perfect company.” Although, I loved his writings and thought of him as brilliant, I would say perfect food  is more pleasant than the perfect company and to me that means Harry and David! At the risk of sounding snooty, which I am not, Harry and David and picnic are synonymous. Not to mention the ease of planning a picnic, with Harry and David as your picnic basket partner. Don’t worry about packing and planning the items in your basket, Harry & David has so many options for everyone. Make your order, pack your blanket, and head to the park!

Picnic, picnic basket, picnic basket set, harry and David

The picnic which I just enjoyed from them included such a perfect variety of delights for anyone. Nowadays you have vegans, lactose intolerant people, gluten free diets, and more!  But Harry and David’s basket had such a variety — there was something for every diet woe, and I had not even asked for a custom one for a particular diet.   
This basket had scrumptious artichoke basil pesto, which I could have eaten the entire jar by the spoonful. I politely tried to just have it with the crunchy crackers Harry and David provided. I am vegetarian, but my friend who is the opposite of a vegetarian, literally inhaled the sausage as if someone else was going to beat him to it. There were also delicious peanut butter pretzels, which was a nice salty accompaniment. We need more salt in this Florida heat. The cheese was just perfect on the crackers, not too sweet, but a nice tangy cheese, which I prefer. 
After all this, I was ready for the sweet finale and wow, I was not disappointed. BAKLAVA!!! My favorite dessert and crunchy pears to accompany it. My friend loved eating the pears as it turns out he can’t eat gluten…I however was soooo happy that I did not have to share this flaky honey and nut and phyllo with 
Picnic, picnic basket, picnic basket set, harry and David
I have loved Harry and David’s baskets for more years than I care to admit, which would age me. Now, with Covid limiting our social outings and dining in restaurants is not the easiest, a picnic is the perfect solution to isolation and social distancing . My nice blanket allowed us to be safely six feet apart and share a lovely tantalizing picnic, thanks to Harry and David.
Don’t forget to check out Harry & David’s website for baskets, gift boxes and more.
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