Sint Eustatius

Statia is a hidden treasure in the Caribbean. Although in the olden days we thought of treasures as something found by pirates; however, Statia is a treasure of serenity and beauty.  There are so many Caribbean islands all noteworthy for their beauty. Statia, in my estimation ranks near the top!

Why Statia ?

So you ask, why should I choose this island over the others?
Statia, for some reason, receives far fewer tourists, than other Caribbean vacation spots. It has pristine beaches, sparkling shimmering blue water, and it’s founders offer the typical Dutch welcome and friendliness.

Golden Rock Resort

In addition to pristine beaches and shimmering water, you must visit Golden Rock Resort. This resort, the only one in Statia is fabulous. It is built around a dormant volcano whose name is “the Quill”. You will stay in one of their wonderful suites featuring up to date amenities. We have a great view from our balcony and again enjoy the beauty and serenity.

Explore Statia

If you want to venture a bit from this peaceful serenity for some action, try the scuba diving. Yes, Statia is home to a fabulous scuba center and it is great. I love the fact that I can just relax or be active.

A Hidden Gem

As Statia is not the typical tourist attraction,  it is currently a hidden gem, but I am betting it will soon be a major destination. It’s a small airport ride on a prop plane to get there.  The kind Dutch named this airport after FDR.

So, in summation, please put this on your bucket list. You will enjoy quiet restful beauty surrounded by natures amazing, dormant volcano and dine on fabulous food paired with wonderful wines. A wonderful welcome awaits you!

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