Under the lush, thick canopy of Eastern Jamaica’s rainforest sits something magical.  A village of treehouses, sitting atop a mountain. Only accessible via a rugged, mile-long path into the forest is where the (masterminds) of the Kanopi House carefully, and tastefully carved out plots to house their visitors.


First of all, giving new meaning to eco-friendly, the experience of Kanopi House is like no other. The elements shape the vibe of the property where each villa fits so perfectly into the landscape. Even when entering the (treehouse), there isn’t even a feeling that you’ve stepped inside.

treehouse jamaica


Each treehouse contains comfortable, luxurious furniture to match the exterior. All of which face the western waters of the blue lagoon. The are floor-to-ceiling glass French doors to enjoy the views of the rainforest.


Next, being a small resort, the staff is minimal, yet highly attentive to your needs throughout the stay. Greeting us is  AJ who helps us with our bags, and leaves us with his phone number so we can communicate throughout our stay. Menus, directions, activities, towels (you name it) it’s just a WhatsApp message away. 30 minutes following our entry to our house, he sends us a text with the menu.  The chef (there are a few and they are all amazing, with different specialties) on duty that evening, presents his specials and offers up dishes off-menu if that serves our preference.


So onward to food!  I have a salad, and Steven has a Jamaican Jerk chicken pasta dish. Never in my life have I been as regretful as I am once I taste his dish. Hands down, it may very well be one of the tastiest servings of pasta I’ve ever had. You’d have to have a try yourself since words cannot paint the picture.

Now we’re full and tired. We later fall asleep to the buzzing sounds of the rainforest creatures in our plush, luxury bed, and wake up to the wonderful, natural views complementing the villa.


So we plan our Agenda: head to the blue lagoon dock. We head down the stairs of the mountain to meet Kanopi’s in-house boat captain, Jamaican enthusiast, and all-around awesome guy, Boxer. He provides an exciting tour of the deep blue lagoon (300 meters deep, 20 meters from the shore). He also takes us towards Monkey Island and a beautiful local beach. We hang out with the locals, relax on the ocean tree-swings, and take a slow ride back among the jovial swimming sea turtles. The sea air is warm and humid, yet a swim next to the dock in the lagoon (not as deep) is refreshing since the temperature switches between warm and cool as the mountain run-off is near bye.


Finally, we spend the remainder of the day visiting the local crafts market, photographing the West Portland ruins, and flying our DJI drone over the waters to witness the sea life and take in the beautiful colors of the reefs. We have our Dinner # 2 which does not disappoint, where we both have the chef’s special of coconut-crusted fish with rice and jerk sauce…Breakfast is just as pleasing, and the blue mountain coffee pours (hand in hand) just right.

port antonio jamaica

All in all, this is a unique experience, and the perfect place to put away your phone, breathe deep, smile, and commune with nature. I sincerely,y hope you, get to try this yourselves.  Please let me know if you do!


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