Kamalame Cay, located on Andros island in the Bahamas, is a respite from the rest of the world like no other. It is exceptional, especially now with so many worries with Covid mounting and the USA political upheaval.

After my flight to Nassau, I took a private plane (which the hotel will happily coordinate for you) to Andros. Our pilot explained about the island which is family owned and operated.  It was a short informative trip over blue water and in a sunny sky. A feeling of tranquility and separation from anxieties was already setting in.

The Villa

I went to my villa upon landing. There are 27 villas there, no high rises, no noise, just sheer beauty and rest and relaxation. My villa, outfitted with kitchen and wonderful private patio,  is perfection. The bed is so comfortable and bedroom charming. The patio to watch sunrise and sunset from my room is sensational.  Unlike other all-inclusives,  where you run off to a dining area, Kamalame Cay gives you the option to have breakfast delivered to your villa. Breakfast  comes in a beautiful basket filled with everything  fabulous.

The Spa 

Next, after breakfast, a walk through the property is peaceful and quiet. One forgets the problems one left behind on this beautiful island. I decide to  treat myself to a spa treatment and had probably the best massage I have ever had in my life. The setting over the water is incomparable. Once your head is in the head rest there is  a window in the floor to watch the sea. The masseuse’s skills are exceptional. I’m usually wide awake, my mind churning with ideas and thoughts, but this time I fall asleep lulled into total relaxation.


After total relaxation I was energized, and ready to do an activity. Kamalame Cay offers snorkeling, kayaking  swimming, paddleboarding and fishing among other water activities. I chose a delightful boat trip out to the sand dunes with my own private tour guide who was knowledgeable and charming.

Great House and Lounge 

After bidding our guide goodbye, I opted for a visit to the great house and lounge. This charming  Bahamian style setting was where one could enjoy all meals if chosen, or as I chose lunch and dinner.  All the food is fresh seafood daily and also fresh game. Even  the water is spring water-filtered by reverse osmosis and allegiance to keeping everything safe for the Great Barrier Reef just a bit away offshore. Menus change daily and are innovative and delicious. I can honestly say I enjoyed every morsel of food that I ate while at Kamalame Cay. Since I travel extensively every month, that is quite the compliment.

Bar and Alcohol

In addition to fine fresh food, you might want to just have a beverage and the Monkey bar is the place for you. The walls are lined with so many wine and champagne bottles and other alcoholic beverages, it is wonderful to try sipping your choice. The sommelier can help you to make that choice.

In addition to the Monkey Bar, the tiki bar and beach club, is another delightful spot to enjoy drinks or a casual light bite menu in a restful area in the sand.  Munch away on fresh Bahamian treats while sitting  at table in the sand  and overlooking the ocean.


Lastly, if you want to go to a restaurant on premises, is The Grove. This lovely area surrounded by palm trees and sand, serves Asian style food that I cannot even adequately describe other than saying it was superb. If I have whet your appetite, please check out the menus on their website.

So my summation….would I go back to Kamalame Cay again? YES, in a heartbeat!  Kamalame Cay transports you to total peace and serenity.  No need to get your jewelry and fine clothing packed.  Here it’s just nature and natural and enjoy it barefoot if you like.  Leave your troubles at home with your fine clothing, and immerse yourself into an ambiance of casual, carefree beauty. I am forever filled with gratitude to be fortunate enough to be a guest at Kamalame Cay.


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