After 3-4 hours of sleep we limo to ft Lauderdale airport where our seaplane awaits us.  If you have never ridden on a seaplane, it is exhilarating.  We love every minute from meeting our pilot and other Tropic Airways employees. Next comes the beautiful aerial views of Miami to the turquoise green waters of Bimini. This 25-minute ride keeps you upbeat awaiting, your shore activities.

Resort World Bimini Beach

Soon we arrive at our hotel so quickly and feel transported to a different country which, the Bahamas are. Because it’s too early to check – in, what better place to spend some time than the Resort World Bimini Beach.

We get there by our own private golf cart, although the hotel has continuous trams from one amenity to the next.  Our first stop is the restaurant bar to grab some water and a frozen drink. Strolling, around the pool deck we look for our next resting spot to soak up the sun.

A huge walkway separates the two pools. Some chairs are set up in the water which is nice a well-thought-out detail!  One pool is just off the restaurant area, and it connects a bar with these awesome chair swings that hang just over the pool. The other pool is closer to the DJ booth and the area where the steel drum player plays. We decide to sit closer to the music seeing as we want to get in the mood for a fun weekend ahead. As the day wears on, and it gets hotter, the music gets louder and the crowds multiply.

We dance, we laugh, we chat with some friendly hotel guests, and before we know it, we felt the day catch up to us, and we are a very happily exhausted duo ready to return to rest in our lovely room.


Before bed, we surrender to an amazing rain shower in our room.  After feeling clean and refreshed we step outside to see the amazing sunset. Our room decor is lovely, and the sunset is magnificent. We grab a lite bite from our in room “fridge” and nestle in our comfy beds to sleep. Although, We are tempted by the delicious in room coffee, we forego the caffeine in favor of a good sleep.


We love the hooded round sofas that are so restful all along the exterior of the hotel and along the beach.

The Hilton itself, if you didn’t want to leave the immediate hotel for the day, has a lot of different amenities accessible. Examples of the amazing amenities are; 2 different pools, different restaurants and the casino. One pool is along the dock side of the hotel, where they anchor the visiting boats. We have our coffee one morning up at the infinity pool on the hotel roof. What a spectacular feeling first thing in the morning to enjoy the spectacular view.

We spend our evenings having dinner at the restaurants, dancing to the rooftop or Resort World Bimini Beach DJ and snacking on Swedish fish and sparkling water from the little lobby store. The weather is perfect day to night. It isn’t too hot, and the ocean air feels cool and crisp as the breeze rustles through the trees in the shade.

Also you can rent jet skis and other water activities equipment, but we are happy enjoying this lovely hotel without doing all kinds of water sports.

After 4 days beachside in Bimini, Bahamas we leave feeling relaxed, recharged and ready to travel the world again! RW Bimini is fantastic, and I look forward to taking another trip there soon! Thank you, Tropic Ocean Airways for an incredible first seaplane experience, and thank you to RW Bimini for a beautiful weekend of nonstop fun, sun, sand and seas! This is a trip I wouldn’t miss guys- for sun and fun start here  RW Bimini.


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