Are you one of those people who loves chewing gum, but then you worry about decaying teeth, or too much sugar, or after chewing a few good  chews the  taste dissipates, and it’s just blah?  Let me introduce you to TAURI…the unique chewing gum that you will absolutely love!
Tauri gum has no glutens, no GMO, is plant and vegetable based, and additionally, no allergens and meets the standards necessary for kosher and halal.  It tastes great, so you continually enjoy it, and you don’t even realize that the CBD benefits are going to work to make you feel better too.
For those looking for a safe alternative to alcohol or other substances, Tauri’s CBD is where it’s at! Forget that glass of wine, CBD has the same relaxing effect without the all too familiar hangover fog. If your normal routine is a glass of wine after a stressful day, try a warm bath with one of Tauri’s CBD bath bombs.  Or for a quick fix stress reliever that works anytime, anywhere, I’d recommend popping a piece of Tauri gum. My personal favorite is Blood Orange, but one of the reasons I love Tauri is they have such a diverse flavor assortment.
Studies have proven that chewing gum has a calming effect on most people, but Tauri gum has the additional value of CBD.  There is no detectable THCs. So don’t worry. You’re not going on a psychedelic trip…just a calm, collected, COVID FREE feeling!  What could be better?
Have I hypothetically sold you on Tauri gum? If yes, hurry to buy some. If no hurry to buy some and see for yourself!

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